This quick and easy recipe is the perfect breakfast. Prepared in just minutes the night before, it couldn’t be any more convenient to make. Made with filling chia seeds and oats, it also contains peanut butter, pecans and banana to create an addictive yet healthy bowl of goodness. Ever since…


Need something quick for your next bake sale? Or after something to bake with the kids? This no-bake chewy Oreo bar recipe is exactly what you’re looking for. If you scan the recipe and jump at the sight of an entire pack of Oreos in this recipe (that’s somewhere in…


These carmelitas bars toe that perfect line between a crunchy exterior and soft, gooey center. One bite into them, and its bubblegum-like middle comes to the fore, with its center oozing out as you chomp in. Its middle is a beautiful, creamy caramel center that squirts into your mouth. The…


I don’t know about you, but I love the different kinds of food we associate with each season. We’re heading in to the depths of winter, and I couldn’t be more excited about cozying up in blankets and sweaters with delicious winter food. This delicious vegetable and beef soup recipe…


Grilling season is upon us! And what better way to bring in the season by trying out this awesome vampire taco recipe?

So why are these called vampire steaks? Well, perhaps because they have steak through their heart (sorry), but probably more to the fantastic amount of garlic in these beauties.


Throwing a sulk now that ice cream season is over? Never fear, we have just the remedy for you today with a beautifully simple recipe that will leave you forgetting the outdoors as the cold sets in. This beautiful canned peaches recipe might just prove to be your favorite new…


Any budding cook needs at least one dessert to really hang their hat on, and while I generally try to stay away from cooking things that I can’t trust myself to not devour within seconds, this easy chocolate tiramisu recipe is just too good not to share. A lot of…


Dolmas are a healthy and delicious finger food to take to a picnic or to add to a collection of mezedhes spread around the table.

They’re popular in Middle Eastern cuisine, as well as in Turkey and Greece. As is the way with dishes native to a broad area of the world, the name of the dish can vary – so don’t be confused when you see them also referred to as dolmeh or dolmades!

Dolmas means ‘stuffed’, and can mean stuffed grape leaves, stuffed peppers, or stuffed eggplant. Today we’re going to focus on the grape leaf variety, which are rolled and filled with rice and sometimes meat.

So I’ve brought together some of the best dolma recipes from around the web, with some tips from the makers themselves. Enjoy!


If you’re ever lucky enough to visit Manila, the beautiful capital city of the Philippines, one of the first dishes you’re likely to be served is Yema Cake. It’s a major delicacy among the locals, and one that you won’t be able to get enough of. Today we’re bring a little…