16 Best Vegan Casserole Recipes [Easy Plant-Based Bakes]

The best vegan casserole recipes from around the web. From green beans to creamy pasta bakes, find simple and mouthwatering plant-based roasted casseroles for weeknight dinners and holiday feasts.

vegan casserole recipe ideas

It’s hard to find a better meal than a casserole if you want something easy and filling. No matter what occasion you need them for, they’re versatile, great for all diets, and give you plenty of room for creativity. Easily made the night before, they feed a lot of people at once, and are quick to prepare.

These vegan casserole ideas fit the bill perfectly. They’re all super easy, making them perfect for busy weeknights and crowd-pleasing feasts during the holiday season. Whether it’s simple pasta bakes or more complicated dishes like buffalo cauliflower casserole, there’s something here for everyone.

Mexican Tortilla Bake

vegan casserole 11

This Mexican tortilla bake is a hearty and filling option for the crowd and can be made in a single large skillet. It takes under 30 minutes to cook, and only needs eight ingredients.

If you don’t wish to use tofu or beans, you can also make your own meat substitute. The key to the dairy-free cheese sauce is that it does not contain nutritional yeast, and instead contains unsalted cashews and dairy-free soy yogurt.

Check it out here

Broccoli, Kale & Rice Medley

vegan casserole 10

This broccoli kale casserole medley has all the hearty and comforting qualities of a classic casserole without any meat or junk ingredients. Walnuts, broccoli, and tamari provide plant protein along with a well-balanced meal. Add a kick of flavor with the tamari, turmeric, and hummus sauce.

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Butternut Squash & Quinoa

vegan casserole 9

For the people that love them some quinoa and squash, this Butternut Squash & Quinoa Casserole is something you should definitely try. They have a vegan and a vegetarian option for those that want a bit of real cheese in their life and takes less than an hour to make from beginning to end.

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Potato & Green Bean

vegan casserole 8

Crisp green beans, russet potatoes, light coconut milk. These are just a few of the ingredients on the list of this delicious and tasty looking dish. If you are in the mood for a creamy texture to your casserole dish, this Vegan Creamy Green Beans & Potato casserole will do just the trick.

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Buffalo Cauliflower

Vegan Casserole Recipes

For all my buffalo (faux) chicken fans out there, you knew we’d get to you sooner or later. This Buffalo Cauliflower Casserole looks amazing and definitely scratches that buffalo itch.

This thing looks like it’s bad for you, it tastes like it should be bad for you, and it’s SUPER GOOD FOR YOU. Yeah, get your buddies to try this. The joke about cauliflower being super plain is going to go away real fast.

Check it out here

Zucchini & Tomato

vegan casserole 6

Doesn’t matter how vegan or anti-vegan you might be, this Tomato and Zucchini Casserole dish is gonna have you asking for seconds!

Without using any meats or creams this is a tart and spicy dish that screams deliciousness.

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Potato & Vegetable Bake

vegan casserole 5

Made with macadamia nuts and gluten-free breadcrumbs, this vegan potato casserole has a vegan cheese sauce that tastes just as good as the real thing.

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Meat-Free Sausage & Cornbread Stuffing

vegan casserole 4

Probably one of the most amazing stuffings you’ll ever have. If you bring this to the next family Thanksgiving or Christmas, prepare to convert everyone to the vegan-side.

This Vegan Sausage Stuffing Casserole is both moist as well as spicy!

Check it out here

Tater Tot & Cashew Gravy

vegan casserole 3

If you’re in the mood for a more chicken pot pie vibe, this vegan Tater Tot Casserole really is something to consider trying.

Filled with mixed vegetables and vegan chicken chunks, you’ll really feel like a kid again as you’re eating it.

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Dairy-Free Béchamel Sauce, Potato & Broccoli

vegan casserole 2

Definitely one of the most “casserole” looking dishes on this list, this Cheesy Potato & Broccoli Casserole has me drooling just thinking about it!

If you’re a fan of cheese and potatoes, this is a great dish that is perfect for those winter nights at home.

Check it out here

Kale & Crunchy Quinoa

vegan casserole 1

If you’re looking for some guilt-free comfort food that tastes great and is also dairy and gluten-free, check out this vegan Broccoli and Quinoa Casserole.

This thing is loaded with healthy ingredients like red quinoa, kale, and broccoli, all while smothered in a coconut milk sauce. Really, really delicious.

Check it out here

Dairy-Free Enchilada

dairy-free enchilada casserole

Enchilada casserole helps you get the best flavors of enchiladas without the labor-intensive preparation method of the traditional dish. Although traditional enchilada casseroles rely heavily on cheese, you can easily substitute vegan cheese.

The other ingredients you need to make this casserole are tortillas, enchilada sauce (homemade or jarred), black beans, and plenty of vegetables such as spinach and cauliflower. Roast the vegetables ahead of time to enhance their savory flavor so you won’t even miss meat, layer the ingredients, and bake. 

Potato & Eggplant Parmesan

potato eggplant parmesan casserole

Chicken parmesan and eggplant parmesan are two classics of Italian American comfort food, but the great news is you don’t have to give them up if you go vegan. What’s more, you can even enjoy the dish in convenient form thanks to this potato casserole.

To make this dish, you will need eggplants, potatoes, chopped tomatoes, vegan Parmesan, and white sauce. The sauce, made of vegan milk, nutritional yeast, flour, and seasonings, binds the whole dish together.


cauliflower casserole

As this recipe proves, you can get great cheesy flavor without using any cheese. A sauce made out of soaked cashews, vegan milk, broth, nutritional yeast, and plenty of seasonings and condiments such as Dijon mustard is just like the creamy roux you find in macaroni and cheese.

The other ingredients include steamed cauliflower and panko breadcrumbs. Combine the cauliflower with the sauce, top with the breadcrumbs and optional vegan Parmesan, then bake.

Sweet Potato

sweet potato casserole

Sweet potato casserole is a staple side dish for Thanksgiving and any holiday. Its signature combination of sweet and savory flavors makes it comfort food for many, plus you can easily make it vegan. 

The casserole base is easy enough: all you need are pre-baked, caramelized sweet potatoes mashed with vegan milk, a bit of sweetener, almond butter, and pumpkin spice. Top with a brown sugar streusel or vegan marshmallows.

Mexican Tater Tot

mexican tater tot casserole

There are so many delicious ways to make potatoes out there, but tater tots have to be some of the best. Vegan Mexican tater tot casserole, which packs the potatoes with warm Mexican flavors before baking them into a gooey, delicious casserole, is even better.

Besides tater tots, which you can get in the frozen food aisle, you will need black beans, corn, tomatoes, and taco seasoning for the base. Top with vegan cheese and bake.

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