Oreo Waffles [Easy Breakfast & Dessert]

Oreo waffles are perfect for weekend breakfast or dessert. Made from chocolate cookie waffle batter, this only needs a few basic ingredients and a few minutes in your waffle maker. Get this easy recipe here.

Oreo Waffles [Easy Breakfast & Dessert]

Waffles are a classic weekend breakfast that can be fun for the whole family. The wonderful thing about them? They’re extremely versatile! 

Oreo waffles combine a classic breakfast favorite – deep-pocketed, fluffy waffles – with milk’s favorite cookie. They can be plain or chocolate, classic Oreos or flavored, and as packed with cookies as you want them to be.

Need a recipe for your next big breakfast? Here’s how to make Oreo waffles.

oreo waffles made from chocolate cookie batter and topped with whipped cream

What are Oreo Waffles?

You can make Oreo waffles out of almost any waffle base, meaning you can make them both Belgian and American style. 

Belgian waffles tend to be thicker and more yeast-based, with deeper pockets and a crispier texture that make them great for holding toppings, while American-style waffles tend to be thinner but lighter, chemically leavened with buttermilk added for a richer taste.

No matter how you make them, Oreo waffles are a fun cookies-and-cream twist to serve warm with your favorite toppings at breakfast, or even as a quick dessert.

Main Ingredients

Beyond crumbled Oreo cookies, you will also need classic waffle batter ingredients. Here’s what you need and what to look out for.

Whole Milk

It’s recommended that you use whole milk, as the fat will give the waffles a richer taste and texture. You could also use buttermilk, as that is also high in fat. If you’re looking for a non-dairy milk or buttermilk replacement, you could use unsweetened coconut milk and a tablespoon of lemon juice for a similar effect.


You’ll also want to make sure your milk and eggs are brought up to room temperature so that they combine well with the other ingredients. Pull them out of the fridge a few minutes before you’re ready to start cooking.

Baking Powder

You’ll want to make sure you’re using baking powder for this recipe. Baking soda is known scientifically as sodium bicarbonate; it’s a baking agent that reacts with acid and liquids to produce carbon dioxide bubbles that help baked goods rise. Baking powder is pre-mixed with acid and will activate when it is introduced to a liquid. If you use baking soda without adding acid, your waffles won’t rise.

All-Purpose Flour

Finally, you’re going to be using all-purpose flour in this recipe. Bleached all-purpose flour will give your waffles a softer texture, but unbleached will provide you with more structure. Just be sure not to use self-rising, as you’re already adding a rising agent. You can substitute other kinds of flour, but know that it will affect the final texture of your waffles.

oreo waffles made from chocolate cookie batter and topped with whipped cream

Topping Ideas

You can top your Oreo waffles with anything you would typically top a waffle with. Classic butter and syrup compliment the sweet cookies perfectly well. 

Whipped cream and extra Oreos are a great way to lighten up this decadent breakfast, while powdered sugar sifted over the top can be the perfect no-fuss addition to add a little bit of extra sweetness and flair.

For a little bit of freshness, you could add tangy raspberries or sliced bananas. You could also go all-out desert mode and add ice cream or marshmallows.

Quick Tips

Here are some quick tips before you start cooking.

Is Beating the Egg Whites Necessary?

It’s not necessary to beat the egg whites, but doing so will make your waffles significantly lighter and more delicately textured. If you’re going to do this, separate your eggs and add the whites last, right before you start pouring the batter. Fold them in slowly to keep as much air as possible.

How Do I Know My Waffles are Done?

If you’re using an automatic waffle maker, you can simply wait for the indicator to go off before removing your waffles. Otherwise, you’re looking for the batter to become solid and take on some more color.

Try not to open your waffle iron too early, as this can tear the waffle in half.

How Do I Keep My Waffle Crispy?

Waffles are crispiest when they’re eaten immediately after being made. If you’re making a larger batch, you can place the finished waffles in a 200 degree Fahrenheit oven (that’s 93 degrees Celsius) to stay warm.

Can I Freeze These?

Yes, you can freeze Oreo waffles. Place your excess waffles flat on a baking sheet, leaving a little space between them, and put them in the freezer until they have frozen through. Remove them from the sheet and put them into freezer-safe bags to store.

To reheat, simply toast them until warm and crisp. They’ll keep about as long as a store-bought frozen waffle, up to about three months. 

How to Make Oreo Waffles

To start making Oreo waffles, preheat your waffle maker or iron. If you don’t have a waffle iron, you can use a grill pan instead. Preheat that on the stove over medium heat. In a medium mixing bowl, combine your flour, salt, and baking powder. Sifting them together can help to mix them more evenly and break up any large clumps that form.

In a separate, larger bowl, combine your milk, oil, vanilla extract, and eggs. Optionally, at this point, you can separate your eggs, adding only the yolks to the wet mix. If you choose to do this, whip the whites to stiff peaks in a separate bowl and set them aside.

Add your dry ingredients to your wet ingredients by carefully mixing them together, either with a whisk or a spoon, until they’re just combined. There will still be lumps, and that’s good. If your batter is completely smooth, you’ve overmixed it, which can make your waffles tough and chewy.

Add the Oreos to the mix and stir gently until, again, just combined. If you separated your egg whites earlier, now is the time to add them back in by gently folding them into the batter in parts.

Get about a fourth of a cup of batter. Grease your preheated pan with cooking oil (either sprayed or spread on with a cloth) and pour the batter in the center of the pan. Cook for about five minutes, or until the waffle is cooked through and starting to darken in color.

Remove your waffles from the heat and serve warm with your preferred toppings.

oreo waffles made from chocolate cookie batter and topped with whipped cream
oreo waffles

Oreo Waffles

Oreo waffles are perfect for weekend breakfast or dessert. Made from chocolate cookie waffle batter, this only needs a few basic ingredients and a few minutes in your waffle maker. Get this easy recipe here.
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Breakfast, Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 4


  • 7 Oreo cookies crumbled
  • 2 large eggs
  • ¼ cup cooking oil
  • ¾ cup milk
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • tsp salt
  • 2 tbsp sugar


  • Preheat waffle iron or pan
  • Sift together the dry ingredients – flour, salt, and baking powder
  • In a separate bowl, combine the wet ingredients – eggs, oil, milk, and vanilla extract
  • Add the dry ingredients to the wet. Mix until just combined.
  • Add crumbled Oreo cookies and mix until just combined
  • Grease waffle iron and add ¼ cup of batter per waffle
  • Cook for 5 minutes or until cooked through
  • Serve warm with desired toppings