10 Best Prime Rib Sides

Easy prime rib side dish and pairing suggestions. From creamy mashed potatoes to horseradish cream sauce, and garlic green beans to Yorkshire pudding, discover what to serve with prime rib today.

beef prime rib

Prime rib is the ideal centerpiece at any holiday feast or dinner platter. Whether you like it bone-in or boneless, or medium-rare to well-done, this beef classic is the perfect comfort food. But what should you serve with prime rib to complement its rich, melt-in-your-mouth flavor?

From butter mashed potatoes to crunchy roast vegetables, we have everything you need to complete your serving platter. Take your dinner spread to the next level with these easy prime rib sides and serving ideas. Let’s get cooking!

Mashed Potatoes

mashed potatoes

Ah, classic mashed potatoes. Preparing potatoes by mashing them up and adding a generous dose of milk and butter is one of the most well-loved cooking methods, and it’s not hard to see why. Clouds of steaming hot potatoes are whipped and mashed to perfection, providing the ultimate comfort food on a cold winter’s night. 

While many mashed potato purists will have their opinion about what type of potatoes, milk, and butter you should use, a bit of trial and error is best. Depending on your preferences (whether you prefer a looser and softer mash or a chunkier one), you can adjust the ingredients and mashing time as you see fit. 

Try this recipe: These mashed potatoes should be your go-to for a classic and cozy mash, with the addition of garlic cloves for a subtle kick. 

Roast Vegetable Salad 

roast vegetable salad

Because no dinner spread is complete without a healthy serving of veggies. Sure, eating a prime rib by itself or only adding on a carbohydrate may be the tastier version, but vegetables can up the nutrient intake of the meal and add a pop of color to your plate. Luckily, roasting your vegetables can make various veggies easier to consume while allowing you to customize the flavor with spices and herbs. 

One of the most underrated ways to increase your vegetable intake is by making a roast vegetable salad that can be served hot or cold. Simply add in the veggies you need to use up from the back of your fridge, coat them in oil and seasonings, and roast until slightly charred or caramelized. Best of all, this salad can be made ahead of time as meal prep and served throughout the week. 

Try this recipe: This roast vegetable salad contains a fall-inspired vinaigrette that pairs well with the sweet potato, Brussels sprouts, and bell pepper. 

Baked Sweet Potatoes 

baked sweet potatoes

There’s certainly nothing wrong with regular baked potatoes, but if you want to add some pizzazz to your next dinner party, opt for sweet potatoes instead. Sweet potatoes taste just as rich and decadent as regular potatoes, but with an extra dose of natural sweetness. When baked, this sweetness is enhanced and the skin crisps up beautifully, resulting in a harmony of taste and textures. 

Try this recipe: These baked sweet potatoes only takes 5 minutes to prep and utilizes ingredients that you already have in your pantry — like olive oil, butter, and salt. 

Garlic Green Beans 

garlic green beans

With a distinct green appearance and an easy-to-eat flavor profile, green beans are probably one of the most utilized vegetables across the world. Since the natural taste of green beans is relatively neutral, they really shine when combined with stronger seasonings and herbs, like garlic. Once they’re sauteed together, you’ll get a dish that’s easy to whip up and even easier to savor. 

Including vegetables next to your prime rib can diversify the nutrient and fiber content of your meal, meaning better gut health. However, making a whole salad from scratch may not be the number one thing on your mind, especially if it’s been a busy day or during the colder months. Garlic green beans are one of those side dishes that can be prepared in under 10 minutes, and with the distinct aromatic smell and flavor of garlic, it’s likely that you’ll keep this on your regular weeknight rotation.

Try this recipe: These garlic green beans can be ready in just 8 minutes, with blanched green beans to save extra time. 

Potatoes Au Gratin 

potato au gratin

Cheesy, addictive, and one of the most decadent ways to prepare potatoes out there, potatoes au gratin is a timeless French dish that elevates the humble potato into a creamy masterpiece. If you’re looking for a side dish that screams elegance while being completely moreish for the whole family to enjoy, this is it. 

The star of the show lies in how you prepare the dish. Slicing the potatoes as thin as you can means that the layers of cheese, milk, and onion that envelop each bite remain balanced. Now is not the time to skimp on cheese! A generous helping of grated cheese on the top (typically gruyere or cheddar) not only melts into a golden, bubbly crust during cooking, but adds a rich umami taste and smell.  

Try this recipe: This potato au gratin is an uncomplicated version of the classic recipe, with the inclusion of russet potatoes and simple seasonings. 

Creamed Corn Casserole 

creamed corn casserole

It may seem odd to bake corn into a casserole dish, but creamed corn casserole is another version of the well-loved cornbread, often eaten alongside roasts and southern-style barbecues. Unlike cornbread which is blended smooth, creamed corn casserole still has chunks of corn kernels inside it, making it a fun and textural eating experience. 

Once baked in the oven, the sweetness of the corn is activated and alongside other ingredients like granulated sugar, leads to a beautiful caramelization on the top and edges. The light and fluffy texture in the casserole can create a lovely juxtaposition to the richness of roast meat, which is why we recommend serving this dish alongside prime rib. 

Try this recipe: This creamed corn casserole has been passed down generations and contains just six staple ingredients. 

Yorkshire Pudding

yorkshire pudding

Ask any British native about Yorkshire pudding and they’re sure to rave about this roast dinner classic. These fluffy, golden pastries are made from a simple batter of eggs, flour, and milk, combined with hot oil. The result is a crispy exterior and a savory interior, which is why Yorkshire puddings are often categorized as savory pancakes. 

You can purchase pre-made Yorkshire puddings to save time, but there’s something so special about homemade ones. Once they’re fresh from the oven, the puddings rise to create a crisp and airy exterior while maintaining a soft and tender interior, making it a perfect vessel for gravy or other sauces.

Try this recipe: This Yorkshire pudding has extra crispiness and rise, thanks to the 7:1 ratio of milk and water in the batter. 

Roasted Brussels Sprouts 

roasted brussels sprouts

We’ll be the first to admit it — Brussels sprouts aren’t the most well-loved vegetable out there! However, most of the blame can be placed on the cooking method. Boiling or steaming these ball-shaped vegetables often leads to a soggy and bitter mess. But gently roasting Brussels sprouts brings out their crunchy caramelized exterior and soft, nutty interior. The key lies in allowing the edges of the sprouts to caramelize, which can be achieved with lots of oil and seasonings. 

As they roast, the Brussels sprouts develop a deliciously crisp exterior while retaining a tender, melt-in-your-mouth interior. Also, the heat of the oven can help mellow and neutralize the natural bitterness of the sprouts, resulting in a nutty and slightly sweet flavor profile. 

Try this recipe: These roasted Brussels sprouts provide an extra dimension of flavor with a delectable drizzle of honey and balsamic vinegar. 

Horseradish Cream Sauce 

horseradish cream sauce

Drizzling a good sauce over your prime rib can elevate your dinner dish from good to incredible, and horseradish sauce is the best at doing just this. When added in a cream sauce, horseradish provides a subtle kick, but the richness of the cream can help counterbalance any spice coming through. 

Contrary to what the name suggests, horseradish is not a type of radish. Instead, it’s a root vegetable related to mustard and tastes relatively similar to wasabi, a condiment used in Japanese cuisine.

Known to complement a wide range of roast meat, including roast beef, roast chicken, and pork chops, horseradish cream sauce is a no-brainer to add on to your prime rib if you’re looking for a show-stopping sauce for the side. 

Try this recipe: This horseradish cream sauce recipe only takes 5 minutes to prep and can be refrigerated overnight for extra flavor development. 

Mushroom Gravy 

mushroom gravy

Mushrooms are one of those ingredients that remains quintessentially umami — known for its earthy flavor and distinctly savory aftertaste. Adding mushrooms into a thick and velvety gravy makes it a delightful addition to slices of tender prime rib. Further enhancements to the complexity of taste can be achieved with the addition of aromatic ingredients, like onions, garlic, and various herbs.

The last thing you want is to make mushroom soup and not mushroom gravy, so adding cornstarch or flour is a must. Apart from helping it cling to your carbohydrates and slices of prime rib, this gravy provides shine and a beautiful finish for your next special occasion dinner.  

Try this recipe: This mushroom gravy has incredible depth of flavor, due to the inclusion of caramelized onions and mushrooms. 

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