Cookie Butter Milkshake [Biscoff & Ice Cream Shake]

Cookie butter milkshake is the perfect treat for any time of year. It’s easy to make and tastes like a warm, gooey cookie in a glass! Use your favorite flavor of Biscoff cookies and vanilla ice cream to create this delicious shake.

Cookie Butter Milkshake

This Biscoff milkshake recipe is the perfect dessert for cookie lovers everywhere. It’s not too sweet and has just enough cookie flavor to satisfy your craving without being overpowering.

This recipe takes about ten minutes to make, so it’s a great option when you’re in a rush but still want something indulgent! All you need are a few ingredients and some time on your hands.

Plus, you can find all the ingredients at most grocery stores. So what are you waiting for? Get cooking today!

cookie butter vanilla milkshake


When making a cookie butter milkshake, it is essential to remember which ingredients will work best. Choose a recipe and run with it before you think of tweaking ingredients. This way, you will know what it is supposed to taste like and add or remove the flavors you don’t want.

Knowing the ingredients will help you understand what to expect from them and what you can use in their place if you need to. This could be because of a lack of availability in your area, an allergic reaction, or perhaps you don’t like the taste. When you understand the flavors the ingredients impart, it will be easier to maintain the integrity of the milkshake using the ingredients you prefer.

cookie butter vanilla milkshake

Vanilla ice cream

The great thing about vanilla is that it’s pretty standard. Go with the brand that you prefer. Consider texture, flavor, and what it tastes like when it’s melted and blended. Also, think about the sweetness and how it will pair with other ingredients.


For this recipe, whole milk works better. You can also use 1% or 2%, but whole milk will be a lot creamier and add that dimension to the recipe.

Whipped cream

Who doesn’t like a frothy, creamy milkshake? Adding whipped cream helps you achieve this. You can spray it from a can or make your own from scratch. The best type of cream should be well thawed out and ready to use.

Biscoff cookies

These cookies have a caramel-like taste. They are rich in flavor and are also spicy. Some of the spices involved include ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, and cloves. The butter also adds a certain richness to the cookies. You will need just a few of these cookies for this recipe.

Cookie butter spread

You can choose to go with the cookie butter of your choice. However, using the same brand of cookies will be helpful to match flavors and quality. For this recipe, we are using Biscoff cookies. As such, we use Biscoff cookie butter.

cookie butter vanilla milkshake

Expert Tips

You can have your milkshake in varying thicknesses. But what do you do if it is not thick enough? You can tweak the consistency of the milkshake by using heavy whipping cream. More of it will increase thickness, and less will reduce it. 

You can also reduce the amount of milk used if you would like the milkshake to be thicker. Adding milk will help you blend the shake better together. Be careful when you use ice, as this will thin out the shake. Try to balance it out.

Make sure to use cookie butter and cookies with similar flavors. For example, if you’re using ginger cookies, use the ginger cookie butter. This way, there is no confusion about the flavors.

Another tip that you could consider is to prepare all your ingredients. It doesn’t take a long time to make a milkshake. As such, it helps to have all your ingredients on hand when you initially start the process.

Consider using garnishes that will complement the existing flavors in the milkshake. For instance, you could sprinkle more cookie crumbs on top. You could also add whipped cream or cherries.

How to make cookie butter milkshake

This recipe should take you a total of about 5 minutes. It is straightforward. Get the blender and your glasses ready, as well as the garnish you prefer to use. You will need 3 cups of vanilla ice cream, 1 cup of Biscoff spread, 1 cup of whole milk, five divided Biscoff cookies, and whipped cream.

The first step to making this milkshake is to put the milk, cookie butter, and ice cream in a blender. Mix the ingredients thoroughly and make sure they are fully mixed. About 45 seconds should do the trick. Ensure that it has no streaks or lumps when the blending is done; the smoother, the better.

The next step is to add about three or so Biscoff cookies to the mix. This will help give more flavor to the milkshake. Next, the biscuits will need to be broken down in the mixture. To do this, pulse the mixture for about 15 seconds, making the mixture a bit chunky.

Now the mixture is ready and can safely be called a milkshake. Pour it into glasses and serve.

cookie butter vanilla milkshake

Cookie Butter Milkshake

This cookie butter milkshake is the perfect treat for any time of year. It’s easy to make and tastes like a warm, gooey cookie in a glass! Use your favorite flavor of Biscoff cookies and vanilla ice cream to create this delicious shake.
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Milkshake, Snack
Cuisine American
Servings 4


  • 3 cups vanilla ice cream
  • 1 cup Biscoff spread
  • 1 cup whole milk
  • 5 Biscoff cookies roughly chopped or divided
  • whipped cream optional


  • Place the milk, ice cream, and the biscoff spread in the blender.
  • Blend the ingredients for about 45 seconds
  • Make sure all the ingredients are blended smoothly.
  • Throw in 3 cookies
  • Pulse the mixture for about 15 seconds.
  • Pour the mixture into glasses.


What is cookie butter?

Cookie butter is made of speculoos, which are cookies ground up to become crumbs. This is then mixed with flour, sugar, and fat. As we have outlined above, the result is a spread you can combine into milkshake recipes.

What is the difference between cookie butter and peanut butter?

The two couldn’t be more different in terms of both taste and composition. For example, most peanut butters are made of peanuts and fat, whereas cookie butter isn’t. 

Does cookie butter go bad?

You can store homemade cookie butter at room temperature, and it will be good for about five days. However, if you store it in the fridge, you will need to thaw it out again before you use it.