12 Best Canned Peach Recipe Ideas

Easy canned peaches recipes and ideas, from homemade cobbler to kuchen, and breakfast smoothies to easy tartlets. Discover what to make with canned peaches today.

Canned Peach Recipes

Canned peaches are a classic sweet ingredient that forms a variety of recipes, and not just desserts. This fragrant fruit has a deep, rich flavor that complements savory dishes just as much as sweet ones.

From classic fruit dump cake to refreshing salsa, these simple recipes prove that peaches have a lot to offer. Find your new favorite canned peach recipe today.

Easy Canned Peaches

Easy 30-Minute Canned Peaches Recipe

Where better to start than with this easy canned peaches recipe? Fresh peaches in silky sugar syrup served for breakfast or dessert. Add a dash of cinnamon or nutmeg for added flavor, or serve on top of your morning granola.

Peach Crisp

peach crisp

Peach crisp is a great way to get dessert on the table without too much time or effort. Using canned peaches saves even more time and energy while preserving peaches’ sweet, fruity flavor.

Peach crisp is similar to peach cobbler, except the filling and topping are crispier, and there is no biscuit base. Besides canned peaches, you will need oats, brown sugar, flour, nuts, and your choice of spices to make the topping. Add butter to the dry ingredients and rub together to create a crumbly topping, then pour over the peaches and bake until crisp.

Peach Cobbler

peach cobbler

Peach cobbler is another simple, fruit-based dessert hit at any barbecue, church potluck, or family gathering. Just like peach crisp, it’s a classic of Southern cooking and enhances the flavors of the canned peaches.

The difference between cobbler and crisp is that when making a cobbler, you cover the fruit with a batter or biscuit, not a streusel topping. Make the batter by combining butter, flour, cinnamon, baking powder, and milk, then bake. 

Peach Dump Cake

A dump cake is a delightfully rustic cake made by pouring or ‘dumping’ all ingredients in one baking dish without mixing it. Dump cakes are a great way to highlight fruit flavors, and using canned peaches instead of fresh ones ensures that you can make it all year-round.

Besides peaches, you will need cake mix and butter. Just dump the fruit in the bottom of the pan, add the cake mix, then a final layer of melted butter, and bake. The expression may be “as easy as pie,” but it should be “as easy as dump cake”!

Peach Pie

peach pie

A gorgeous peach pie is the perfect dessert to make when you’re in the mood to create something more complicated than a cobbler or crisp. Whether serving it at home or at a party, people will ooh and aah over your achievement.

If you’re already going to the trouble of making pie, make life a little easier and use canned peaches instead of fresh ones. As an extra shortcut, use a premade pie crust. Blind bake the crust, add the filling, then finish baking.

Peach Cobbler Muffins

Peach cobbler muffins are a delicious, indulgent way to start the day with some dessert flavors for breakfast (or with coffee at any time of day). Canned peaches work well with this recipe because you can use some of the canning liquid to make the muffins extra juicy.

You need pantry ingredients to make the muffin batter, such as flour, baking powder, milk, and sugar. Use flour, sugar, and cinnamon to make a streusel topping for extra crunch.

Peach Salsa

peach salsa

Most peach recipes focus on making dessert, and this fruit makes a wonderful end to the meal in fresh and canned form. However, the sweet flavor of peaches can enhance savory meals as well. This simple peach salsa is the perfect accompaniment for taco nights, barbecues, and other meaty feasts.

Besides canned peaches, you will need one red onion, one red pepper, and tomatoes. Finely chop the vegetables, then mix with lime juice and torn cilantro for a salsa that perfectly balances sweet and acidic.

Peach Smoothie

peach fruit smoothie

Smoothies are an easy way to ensure that you get your five recommended servings a day of fruits and vegetables, even if you’re on the go. Using canned peaches makes sense for this recipe because you save time on slicing fresh peaches, and you can use the canning liquid in the smoothie for an extra boost of flavor.

The basic recipe for a peach smoothie includes milk or yogurt and ice. Combine the peaches, milk, and ice in a blender and pulse until you get a creamy, smooth drink. Customize the smoothie by adding your choice of other fruits, such as banana, or using non-dairy milk.

Peach Tartlets

peach tartlet

Peach tartlets are tiny, personal pies or tarts. They are the perfect dessert for parties, where instead of going through the trouble of slicing a large cake or pie for everyone, each guest gets their own sweet treat. Using canned peaches ensures that each slice is uniform, which helps these tartlets look neat and pretty.

Besides peaches, you will need basic pantry ingredients to make a tart base or use a pre-made crust. In terms of equipment, you will need mini tart pans. Cut out the crust to fit the mini pans and blind bake. Fill with the peaches and finish baking.

Peach Kuchen

A kuchen is a traditional German cake characterized by its simple goodness. Kuchen is as simple as dump cake but lighter and fluffier, with an almost custard-like texture in the middle. Canned peaches are one of the best fruits to enhance the flavor of this cake.

To make the batter for the crust, combine flour, sugar, salt, and butter. Top with the peaches, then create a streusel-like topping of sour cream, eggs, salt, and cinnamon, then bake. Some bakers add a splash of almond extract for extra flavor.

Ice Cream & Canned Peaches

canned peaches with ice cream

When you’re craving something sweet but it’s too hot and muggy to even think about eating something heavy such as cake, let alone baking it, ice cream and fruit is the best combination. Canned peaches are sweeter than fresh ones, making a great ice cream topping.

Making this dessert is as easy as scooping store-bought ice cream (although you can make your own if you own an ice cream machine) and opening a can of peaches!

Peach Bread

Peach bread may not be as famous as banana bread, but this easy baked dish is just as delicious. Fruit bread is the perfect accompaniment for a cup of coffee because it is sweet but not overwhelmingly so.

Besides canned peaches, you will need classic baking ingredients such as flour, baking powder, cinnamon, and eggs. Make the batter, add the peaches, and bake until cooked through.

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