12 Best Keto Burger Recipes [Easy Bunless Patty Ideas]

These best keto burger recipe ideas are all about the filling ingredients. Great ideas for low-carb burgers featuring turkey, bacon, cheese, and more!

keto burger recipes

There are times when you simply can’t resist those cravings for a juicy and rich burger, but the carbs that accompany a burger often seem to be a matter of concern.

What comes to the rescue is a delicious keto burger that simply skips the idea of a traditional bun and goes for a low-carb keto friendly alternative to the same.

Whether you plan to eat a decadent burger using a fork and knife, or go for a lettuce-wrapped treat, or simply employ some mushroom buns to prepare the meal, we have got you covered. Plus, the fact that most keto burger recipes don’t take more than 30 minutes to get the preparation done makes them an even more wonderful treat for one and all.

Take a look at this bundle of the best keto burger recipes to rock your taste buds, while being surprisingly easy at the same time.

Sheet Pan Bacon & Jalapeño

Bacon & Jalapeño Sheet Pan Burgers

Celebrate those burger cravings with this keto sheet pan burger that’s coupled up with a creamy and tangy sauce. The juicy patty goes just right with the flavors of onion, jalapeno, bacon and pepper jack cheese, but the bacon grease gives a great boost to the luscious element of the veggies.

You’ll love the slightly caramelized jalapeños that are perfectly crisp around the edges.

Mustard Beef Patties

Mustard Bunless Beef Patties

This burger recipe lowers the carbohydrate content of the patties while still packing them with flavor. You can serve the burgers bun-less or use a bun alternative such as lettuce or portobello mushrooms. 

To make the burger patties, combine lean ground beef with grated onion, garlic powder, smoked paprika, Worcestershire sauce, and an egg to bind all the ingredients together. Shape the meat into patties and grill or cook on the stovetop for maximum smokiness and flavor.

Tex-Mex Plate

A burger plate is the best way to get all the flavors of a burger that you love while lowering the carb content to something within the range accepted by your Keto diet program. Skip the bun and arrange the burger ingredients on a plate instead.

This recipe uses Tex-Mex or taco seasoning in the patty for a bit of extra kick. To keep with the Tex-Mex theme, serve with Monterey jack cheese and avocados.

Grilled Smoky Beef & Mushroom

Grilled Smoky Beef on a Mushroom Bun

A giant field mushroom is one of the best keto-friendly bun alternatives. It is large enough to hold the burger together and adds extra juiciness to the meal.

This perfectly tender burger recipe uses grated zucchini and barbecue sauce in the patty to up the moisture content and increase flavor. Once you shape the patties, grill both the meat and the mushrooms on an outdoor grill or grill pan and serve with cheese slices and avocado.

The star ingredient in this super smoky beef burger is the barbecue sauce that gets it all going! The mince, smoked paprika (you can use cayenne as an easy paprika alternative), and zucchini present in the sauce make the charred mushrooms a complete treat to have with the patties. Thick cheese slices and a topping of onion taste wonderful when the cheese melts and seeps into the toppings of onions, tomato and avacado.

Pork & Beef Fat Burgers

Dairy Free Fat Burgers

These burgers are packed with healthy fats and have an extraordinarily juicy patty thanks to the use of multiple meats. The patty combines minced bacon, ground pork, and ground beef for an extra-filling, meaty meal. The patties get extra flavor from minced shallots, herbs, and pepper.

You can serve these burgers with low-carb buns or on their own – they are thick enough to be a meal onto themselves.

Grilled Cheese Portobello

Grilled Cheese Portobello Burgers

If you’re the kind of person who thinks a burger is incomplete without melted cheese draped over the patty, then you’re in luck because you can have cheeseburgers while following a keto diet. These burger patties use lean ground beef, eggs, and Worcestershire sauce.

For extra flavor, top your patties with sliced bacon and avocado along with melted cheese. Serve open-faced or on grilled mushrooms.

Bacon Bombs

Bacon Burger Bombs

The keto diet occasionally calls for fat bombs, or small snacks packed with fat and tasty treats, to help you get through the day. These keto bombs combine all your favorite burger flavors with the addition of bacon.

To make this recipe, you will need bacon slices, cheddar, and sausage patties. Shape sausage patties into rounds, top with seasonings and cubed cheddar, then top with another sausage round. Roll into balls, wrap with bacon, and bake.

Ground Pork Patties

Ground Pork Patties

If you are looking for an alternative to beef patties, these burgers are all you need. Oozing rich flavors, these treats are surprisingly easy to prepare and a great way to use ground pork. Lots of cheese and onions enhance the flavors, while the right touch of spices gets the burgers serve-ready!

To make ground pork burgers, combine ground pork, spices, pork fat, and egg and shape into patties. Serve with your favorite low-carb buns or on their own.

Loaded Beef & Cheese Bowls

Fully Loaded Beef, Mushroom and Cheese Bowls

The problem with skipping a bun to lower your calorie count is that you have no way of holding together your burger patty and all the delicious toppings and condiments. This recipe solves that problem by shaping ground beef into a bowl instead of a patty, making it a perfect vehicle for toppings. 

After shaping the burger bowls, top with your choice of accompaniments (the recipe recommends bacon, mushrooms, and cheese), then bake under foil.

Buttery Fat Bombs

Buttery Savory Fat Bombs

This recipe is another fat bomb snack that fits into a keto meal plan. To make this recipe, combine ground beef with salt and pepper, then press into muffin tins. Add a pat of butter to each beef ‘muffin’ then top with more meat. This will give you a juicy, fatty snack perfect for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.


keto feta burger patties

For a Mediterranean twist on a traditional burger, try this feta burger recipe. Add chopped feta cheese to the ground beef along with minced garlic, salt, pepper, and an egg yolk. Once the ingredients are combined, shape into patties and cook in a skillet. Serve the burgers with a creamy sauce made with tomato paste and heavy cream.

Blue Cheese

low carb blue cheese burger recipes

For extra complexity of flavor, add blue cheese to your burgers. This recipe combines crumbled blue cheese with your traditional patty ingredients for an extra funky taste. Serve with grilled portobello mushrooms and top with butter mixed with blue cheese and herbs.

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