11 Best Keto Burger Recipes

There are times when you simply can’t resist those cravings for a juicy and rich burger, but the carbs that accompany a burger often seem to be a matter of concern.

What comes to the rescue is a delicious keto burger that simply skips the idea of a traditional bun and goes for a low-carb keto friendly alternative to the same.

Whether you plan to eat a decadent burger using a fork and knife, or go for a lettuce-wrapped treat, or simply employ some mushroom buns to prepare the meal, we have got you covered. Plus, the fact that most keto burger recipes don’t take more than 30 minutes to get the preparation done makes them an even more wonderful treat for one and all.

Take a look at this bundle of 11 best keto burger recipes that are going to rock your taste buds, while being surprisingly easy at the same time.

1. Keto Sheet Pan Burgers with Bacon & Jalapeño

Celebrate those burger cravings with this keto sheet pan burger that’s coupled up with a creamy and tangy sauce. The juicy patty goes just right with the flavors of onion, jalapeno, bacon and pepper jack cheese, but the bacon grease gives a great boost to the luscious element of the veggies.

You’ll love the slightly caramelized jalapeños that are perfectly crisp around the edges.

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2. Super Juicy Bunless Keto Burgers

Who would ever think that burgers can ditch their buns and still taste oh so amazing? These super juicy keto burgers replace the buns with a thick wrapping of fresh lettuce or simply serve the patties and veggies on a bed of lettuce. The delicious beef patties steal the show when combined with the flavors and textures of the sauce and toppings.

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3. Keto Tex-Mex Burger Plate

A plate displaying a combo of lettuce, juicy avacados, loads of cheese and a rich ground beef patty – this one’s a tex mex burger on a plate. Fried or grilled in medium heat, the burger reaches new heights of awesomeness when adorned with a sour cream and a drizzle of olive oil. Easy to make and equally quick to assemble!

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4. Grilled Smoky Beef Burger on a Mushroom Bun

The star ingredient in this super smoky beef burger is the barbecue sauce that gets it all going! The mince, smoked paprika and zucchini present in the sauce make the charred mushrooms a complete treat to have with the patties. Thick cheese slices and a topping of onion taste wonderful when the cheese melts and seeps into the toppings of onions, tomato and avacado.

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5. Dairy Free Fat Burgers

A great dairy-free, protein-rich paleo meal that comes with yummy yet healthy fats. The easy to make burgers are a decadent combination of bacon, ground beef and ground pork that together yield a super juicy patty. This snack is going to keep you full for hours and satisfy your meat cravings just right. You can eat them with avocado garlic sauce or simply have them with greens.

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6. Grilled Keto Cheese Burgers on Portobello Buns

Cutting on some extra carbs, these high-fat burgers go for portobello buns with gorgeous grilled textures. The chief ingredients of these keto cheese burgers are lean ground beef, loads of cheddar cheese, bacon, avocado and portobello mushrooms. Going for minimum ingredients, these burgers are a must-have for portobello mushroom lovers.

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7. Keto Bacon Burger Bombs

The most amazing thing about these munchies is that they take no more than 3 ingredients along with a few spices to come to life. The delicious burger bombs have got a whole pool of cheese stuffed inside the sausage, finally wrapping everything in bacon. To savor them, you can simply dip the burger bombs in your choice of sugar-free condiments.

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8. Loaded Jalapeño Burger

Get your hands on this toothsome jalapeno burger recipe that can be personalized according to your own tastes. The recipe lets you top the burgers with some cheese and lettuce wrap, or simply go for some fried egg, some guacamole and bacon to make things truly delightful. The buns are replaced with chewy portobello mushrooms yet again!

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9. Delightfully Different Pork Burgers

If you are looking for an alternative to beef patties, these ground pork burgers are all you need. Oozing rich flavors, these treats are surprisingly easy to prepare with pork patties charming your taste buds. Lots of cheese and onions enhance the flavors, while the right touch of spices gets the burgers serve-ready!

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10. Fully Loaded Burger Bowls

Tasting as awesome as they’re great to look at, these burger bowls are a must-not-miss for keto-dieters. The grilled yummies are adorned with some chewy fried mushrooms, complimenting the textures with cheese and bacon. The three main ingredients are filled in beef patties that are actually shaped like bowls. The final magic comes from some barbecue sauce, ranch dressing and diced chives.

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11. Keto Butter Burgers

These burgers are not going to fail you when it’s some fat and flavor that you are looking for! You can have the zero-carb treats any time of the day, pampering your cravings with rich beef patties, butter and cheese. The baked patties are actually worked up in muffin pans, while a bed of mixed greens goes just perfect for the serving.

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