What to Serve with Mississippi Roast [11 Side Dish Ideas]

Easy Mississippi Roast serving and side dish ideas. From mashed potatoes to green beans almondine, and hash brown casserole to lemon parmesan risotto, discover what to serve with Mississippi Roast today.

mississippi pot roast serving side dish recipe ideas

Regular pot roast can take a seat – it has nothing on Mississippi roast. This pot roast is tender, juicy, and packed with flavor thanks to ingredients such as pepperoncini peppers, ranch dressing mix, and more.

Take Mississippi roast to the next flavor with these serving ideas that will quickly become your family’s favorite dinner!

Loaded Mashed Potatoes

Mashed Potatoes

Just like Mississippi roast takes pot roast to the next level with more flavor, loaded mashed potatoes leave regular mashed potatoes in the dust by combining the taste of loaded baked potatoes with the creaminess of mashed potatoes.

To make loaded mashed potatoes, add your favorite baked potato toppings such as fried bacon, shredded cheese, and sour cream to your boiled potatoes as you mash them.

Creamy Cheesy Spinach Potato Chunks

Creamy Cheesy Spinach Potato Chunks

Serve a vegetable along with your Mississippi roast to ensure your household gets all of its vitamins and minerals. With this delicious, cheesy dish, even the pickiest eaters won’t notice they’re eating spinach.

To make this dish, chop potatoes into chunks. Place them in a baking dish with spinach, heavy cream, and plenty of shredded cheese. The result is a bubbly, delicious casserole.

Green Beans Almondine

Green Bean Almondine in a platter

Serve this elegant French dish along with the down-home Mississippi roast for a meal that spans the globe. The slightly bitter flavor of green beans helps cut through the richness of the roast.

To make green beans almondine, you need green beans, slivered almonds, olive oil, shallots, and seasonings. Toast the almonds, par-boil the green beans, then combine in a skillet and season generously.

Lemon Parmesan Risotto

Garlic Parmesan Risotto with Asparagus

Risotto is a fluffy, creamy Italian rice dish. The simplicity of this risotto balances out the bold flavors of the roast, and the rice absorbs the flavors well.

To make risotto, you need special arborio rice. The other ingredients you need for this recipe are butter, shallots, broth, garlic, lemon juice, and plenty of grated parmesan. Toast the rice in butter, add the liquids a little at a time, and cook until fluffy.

Cheesy Hash Brown Casserole

Cheesy Hash Brown Casserole

What’s better than regular hash browns? A hash brown casserole packed with cheese that completes the ultimate comfort meal. Its mild flavors are also perfect for accompanying a Mississippi roast.

To make this casserole, cube frozen hash browns or make your own. Combine with shredded cheese, spices, cream soup, and sour cream. Place in a casserole dish, top with crushed corn flakes and melted butter, then bake.

Creamy Green Beans with Bacon Bits

Creamy Green Beans with Bacon Bits

Green beans are a great side dish for Mississippi roast thanks to their high vitamin content and slightly bitter flavor, but what to do if you have picky eaters who won’t eat their beans? Serve this creamy, bacon-studded dish!

For this dish, cook the green beans in a creamy, cheesy sauce that helps balance out the bitterness. Start by frying bacon bits until crispy, then cook the green beans in the skillet along with garlic, broth, cream, and Parmesan until tender.

Brussels Sprouts & Kale Sauté 

Brussels Sprouts & Kale Sauté 

Mississippi roast is delicious, but it is a very rich, meaty dish. Balance it out with plenty of vegetables such as this Brussels sprouts and kale sauté that will put you well on your way to meeting your goal of five a day.

Besides sprouts and kale, you will need onion, broth, walnuts, and plenty of seasonings. Put the vegetables in a pan along with the seasonings then cook until tender. Finish cooking in the broth. For extra flavor, cook salami or bacon in the pan beforehand and sauté the veggies in the drippings.

Sour Cream Fan Rolls

Sour cream fan rolls are delicious pull-apart rolls shaped like hand fans. Their soft texture is great for absorbing any drippings from the Mississippi roast.

To make the batter, combine the dry ingredients including flour and yeast then add the wet ingredients, including sour cream. Roll dough into rectangles and cut into strips, stacking the strips to create the fan-shaped rolls.

Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese

Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese

Even ordinary mac & cheese is a great side dish for Mississippi roast thanks to its creamy texture and comforting flavor. Adding butternut squash adds a hint of sweetness and autumnal flavor to mac and cheese, balancing out the intense savoriness of the roast.

To make butternut squash mac & cheese, just add cubed butternut squash to your regular mac & cheese sauce ingredients such as milk and shredded cheese. You can make it on the stovetop or finish it in the oven.

Oven-Roasted Asparagus

grilled asparagus in foil

If you’re making Mississippi roast in spring, there’s no better side dish than some seasonal vegetables such as asparagus. Bitter, fresh asparagus balances out the richness and savory flavors of the roast.

Roasting asparagus in the oven is a great way to bring out its natural flavors. All you need to do is to season the asparagus sprigs with olive oil and salt, then roast until slightly charred.

Creamy Green Beans

Creamy Green Beans

There’s a reason why green beans are a traditional accompaniment for roasts such as Mississippi roast. Their fresh, bitter flavor and crisp texture offer balance to the meal. 

Cooking the green beans in a creamy sauce adds balance to the side dish. Sauté the beans in a pan with broth and plenty of shredded Parmesan to make this dish.

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