Best Air Fryers of 2021 | Reviewed & Rated

Air fryers are growing in popularity, and for good reason: They’re clean, they’re healthy and they’re fun. Which model should you make a fixture in your own kitchen?

Our best air fryer guide is on hand to let you know our top picks, as well as what you need to look out for when making your decision.

Philips HD9230/26 Digital AirFryer

Kicking off our list is the fantastic Philips Digital Air Fryer, a model that others can only aspire to.

Its quality of fry is unsurpassed, it cooks quickly (just eight minutes for french fries), and its clean up is easy and fast.

Extra features include easy controls, an automatic shut-off, as well as a time that goes up to 60 minutes. Not onyl does this prevent burnt food, but it will keep you and your kitchen safe. Finally, it’s of course easily broken down to be cleaned in the dishwasher.

The perfect air fryer.

Philips Airfryer Avance

The 9240 features a brilliantly large cooking basket, enabling you to cook a whole bag of fries easily, even letting them sit loosely to get a better and more even cook. This basket is also easily removable, and also safe to do so without the fear of being burned.

Its timer and temperature controls are easy to use and offer you a great deal of variety when cooking. It even features a pause button, so that you can quickly check on the progress of your food without being greeted by a wall of hot air.

It’s the perfect fryer for making healthier versions of frozen snacks, and a great entry to have into the world of frying.

Philips HD9220/26 AirFryer

Brilliantly suited to cooking healthy versions of frozen foods, the third Philips model to feature in our top three is easy to use, sturdy and clean.

This Philips model is compact, fitting perfectly on your kitchen counter while not dominating your cooking area, and remaining easy to store away.

Any cons? Well, it’s a touch louder than the other airfryers that make up our top three. Also, its size doesn’t allow you to cook for as large a groups as, say, our the Philips HD9230/26 Digital AirFryer.

Aside from this, its cooking performance is just as strong as the others in our top three, with it holding up well when cooking chicken wings and homemade fries.

Air Fryers are a much healthier and economical means of frying your food. By applying highly heated air through your food, they use far less oil, making your food keep that addictive fried food taste, with far less fat than that of deep fried food.

Air Fryer Benefits

In fact, there are a whole host of benefits to cooking with an air fryer. Here’s the case for buying an air fryer.


While some air fryers do use no oil at all, even the ones that do have been shown to use an incredible 80% less oil on average than normal oil fryers.

The superheated air systems used within air fryers dramatically reduce the amount of calories being packed into your food.


Air fryers are renowned for their incredibly ability to heat high temperatures in a very short time, with some models achieving 300 degrees in just three minutes. Very useful for those of us leading busy lives.


With far less oil being used, the best air fryers have all but elimated the presence of wild, boiling oil and fat.


Many models offer you a range of cooking modes beyond just simply frying. You can also roast, bake or grill.

Greater control

With timer controls, cooling systems, better ventilation and quick shut-off, these are a safer and more controlled way of frying your food. Fried food fanastics have never had it so good.


Air fryers don’t emit anywhere near the levels of smell that their deep-frying counterparts too, nor do they produce as much grease or mess. Further to this most air fryers are dishwasher-friendly, taking all the pain out of the post-cooking clean-up operation.

What to look out for


Most fryers can cook between 1.5 and 2.5 pounds of food at a time. Although this is typically sufficient, you may want a machine with more or less capacity, depending on your needs. Think carefully about the kind of food that you want to be cooking in your air fryer.


Many air fryers use just a small amount of oil, but some health-conscious consumers might opt for a completely oil-free fryer. Multipurpose fryers can cook two or more types of food at once. Other features you might be interested in include digital programmable settings, rapid-cook technology, and nonstick surfaces.

Most air fryers are relatively compact and easy to fit on a kitchen counter. Despite their straightforward design, some air fryers have settings that may be more or less appealing to you. Most machines can reach up to 360 degrees and come with timers. Consumers may want an air fryer with higher temperatures or more versatile settings.

There are certain unique functions available in certain Air Fryers like automated cooking settings. These automated cooking settings allow the users to cook with the Air Fryer without worrying about temperature or time settings. These additional features are available in some particular Air Fryers and therefore, when used, these predefined settings automatically adjust the temperature and timer of the appliance to perform the particular activity.