11 Best Vegan Burger Recipes

Check out these best vegan burger recipes from around the web. Delicious fillings including chickpea, seitan, falafel and more!

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Do you miss the taste of a big, juicy burger, but don’t like the meatiness? Who could blame you! Burgers are the perfect mix of condiments, veggies, bread, and protein that make them deliciously hearty. If only they were vegan and tasted good! Is that too much to ask? Some people would say yes, but they’re wrong. That’s right– those friends of yours that insist that they could never be vegan because they would miss the meat too much have never tried these recipes.

Have you ever wished that you could get your hands on a delicious vegan option that didn’t taste like cardboard? Well, you’re in luck! As you read through this list, you are going to be shown eleven different recipes that we think are absolutely worth it, drool-worthy, and will leave you wanting more.

Walnut & Chickpea Burger

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This burger is delicious! Hearty, grillable, and filling, this burger will keep you feeling satisfied. With a blend of chickpeas, walnuts, couscous, and vital wheat gluten, these burgers stick together! These ingredients are high in protein, and the burgers keep well for a couple of days in the fridge for easy leftovers.

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Soya Bean & Beetroot

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Want a burger that looks and tastes great? The meaty texture of this burger comes from soya mince and vital wheat gluten, while brown rice miso and marmite create a wonderful umami flavor that is hard to beat. Plus, paired with vegetable suet, you get a juicy taste without the grease.

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Black Bean, Vegan Cheese & Red Onion

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Black beans are a phenomenal substitute for meat in many dishes, and this burger follows that pattern. With plenty of corn, carrot, garlic, and onion, added to the cooked black beans with oregano, chili powder, and cumin, this burger packs a punch that fries up nicely.

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Easy Falafel & Tahini Burger

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These burgers may look a bit different, but they still taste fantastic. They have a chickpea base with a falafel flavor profile. One of these will keep you satisfied. With chickpeas, seasonings, and a binder, you get a great burger with tahini dressing to finish it off.

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Seitan & Porcini Mushrooms

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These juicy burgers form by combining vital wheat gluten with many other plant-based ingredients to create a delicious seitan dough that eventually becomes your burger patty after simmering. Thanks to the balsamic vinegar, you combat the wheat flavor typical for seitan dishes.

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Quinoa, Black Bean & Salsa

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With just a handful of ingredients, you can create a delicious vegan burger substitute. With black beans, quinoa, and salsa, you get a delicious flavor while breadcrumbs help to bind the patties together. Toss the ingredients into a food processor and combine, then form grillable patties.

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Veggie Beet & Aquafaba

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Usually, you drain out your beans before you make them– but draining them is wasting that valuable aquafaba. This recipe makes use of the aquafaba to blend your oats, bread crumbs, beets, chickpeas, and seasoning, giving them the power to stay together through frying.

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Smoked Tofu Vegan Burger

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Blending cashews, tofu, and sweet potato may seem like a strange mix, but putting them together is so satisfying. The seasoning, onion, and garlic load it with flavor, and the burger is coated with mustard-seasoned breading. Topped with a cabbage slaw and vegan mayonnaise finishes it nicely.

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Lentil Burger with Mustard & Maple Syrup

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Lentils are so healthy, and yet, they are often overlooked in the land of vegan burger preparation. This recipe only requires four ingredients to create your perfect burger– lentils, walnuts, raisins, and bread crumbs. Compliment the sweet earthiness with maple mustard sauce to finish it off.

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Monster Pea & Sweet Corn Burger

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This vegan burger combines corn, peas, and beans, alongside seeds, flour, and seasonings to create a delicious meal. Paired with vegan mayo, and a side of beet and sweet potato chips, this is burger can be mixed and fried up in a little over an hour.

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Super Quick Vegan Black Bean Burgers

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If an hour is too long, try these burgers that are ready within 20 minutes. Combining black beans, onion, bell pepper, garlic, and seasonings, binding it together with breadcrumbs and cornstarch, it is simply delicious. Barbecue sauce and sriracha finish this burger perfectly.

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