5 Best Mushroom Substitutes

From potatoes to zucchini, these easy mushroom substitutes will get you out of trouble, pronto.

mushroom substitutes

For as long as people can remember, edible mushrooms have always been a part of the diet in many different cultures worldwide. I have distinct memories of trying them out as a child. As I have grown older, my appreciation for them has grown significantly. Mushrooms are a delicious vegetable that has been eaten for centuries. There is no harm in having some substitutes. 

Mushrooms are a part of the fungus family and provide a special spark to any meal. From a health perspective, they are extremely good for you. Unfortunately, as is with most healthy foods in today’s world, they can be quite pricey in the supermarket. 

This has led to people seeking alternatives that can provide them with similar nutritional value and excellent flavor. We shall now review five great substitutes for mushrooms.


Zucchini is quite a popular alternative to mushrooms. Resembling a cucumber, this vegetable is a member of the squash team. It has quite a refreshing and nutritional value that it brings to the table. This has resulted in this vegetable mainly being eaten in warm temperatures. 

Once cooked, the interior becomes soft and sweet. It can upgrade any meal that involves starch to something spectacular. The vegetable is good value for money because it can grow to almost 1 meter in length. 

Therefore, you will have enough to use for multiple dishes. In terms of preparation, the Vegetable is extremely flexible. You can slice, cut or grate this vegetable. Once done, you can prepare the dish in the oven or in a frying pan.  


Eggplants are a vegetable that has frustrated many people worldwide. Other people love it while other people cannot stand it. This makes it quite a nightmare inclusion when having guests over. Eggplants have been given this name because they are shaped like eggs. 

The vegetable is purple in color and offers a rusty and smokey flavor to its consumers. It is also able to provide numerous different vitamins and minerals to the consumer. We have suggested this product as a suitable alternative to mushrooms because it can add a different dimension to a meal when cooked well. 

Some people do tend to overcook this, so try to watch out for that. The preparation for this vegetable is quite low. All you will need to do is peel the vegetable and cook it how you like. 


Tofu is well known for the health benefits that it can bring to someone. It is a very popular vegetable in Asian cuisine and culture made for people who enjoy soybeans. It is one of the most nutritional options that you can use as a substitute for your mushrooms. 

It is a great option to include if you are hosting people over at your house and would like to cater to vegetarians. This is because the meal offers a large amount of protein and a minimal amount of fat. This dish’s versatility will allow it to be useful when you need it to be in the meal. 

It can be used as a starter or in the main dish if that is what is required. Particularly in women, this product boosts estrogen, meaning it is an excellent option for those looking to stay in shape. 

Russet Potatoes

I know this might be quite shocking to the list but trust me, who does not love potatoes? The nutritional value of potatoes speaks for itself. Russet potatoes have taken the culinary world by storm due to the convenience it brings with their long and massive shape. 

They are more popular than regular potatoes since they contain a greater level of starch. This product is particularly great for making stews because of its liquid absorption powers. This means that out of all the potatoes you can buy, this is one of the easiest to marinate. 

It is an excellent substitute for mushrooms because mushrooms provide a large amount of flavor by absorbing what you cook with these potatoes do the same. As much as this is an advantage, it can also be a disadvantage because this vegetable is not very good for salads. 

Since they absorb a large amount of liquid very quickly, they will most likely get soggy easily. When using this vegetable, your best bet would be to bake it because that is when it will hold its shape much easier. 

Garbanzo Beans

Delicious chickpeas. This is one of my favorite substitutions that you can use for mushrooms. A very nutritional and healthy addition to any meal, chickpeas are excellent for use in almost any dish. It is quite common to make use of them in salads or sandwiches. 

This product can also make a paste or soup for the dish you wish to make. There are many different ways to cook this vegetable. First, you must ensure that the vegetable has been properly washed and no rotten parts remain. 

Once done, make sure that you boil these vegetables and then marinate in boiling water for at least five hours. Understandably, you would need a substantial amount of garbanzo beans to match mushrooms’ nutritional value. This is because they weigh much less than mushrooms do. 

The Final Word

In all fairness, it is quite difficult to replace mushrooms. If you find yourself stranded and in need of a replacement for budgetary reasons, then feel no shame because some vegetables can stand up to the mark. 

Out of the entire list here, I would like to say my favorite addition is the zucchini. Zucchini can be used in several ways and offers people a burst of flavor. Normally what you would get from mushrooms is this distinct flavor depending on where they were picked, and it is quite similar to zucchini. 

These can be baked, fried, or roasted, depending on what you are going for. When choosing a suitable replacement, you must consider the nutritional value of that replacement. In doing so, you may ensure that you are not starving yourself of essential minerals and nutrients over time.