5 Best Greek Yogurt Substitutes

Running low on Greek yogurt? From buttermilk to cream cheese, these five best alternatives will give you the ingredient you need.

Best Greek Yogurt Substitutes

Greek yogurt has a uniquely thick consistency and sour taste that not many other ingredients can match. Not only popular as a simple breakfast food or snack, Greek yogurt is common in a number of recipes worldwide thanks to its creamy texture and resilience to cooking heat.

If you’ve run out of Greek yogurt, want a non-dairy substitute, or simply don’t like it, there are a number of easy alternatives that offer the flavor, texture, or composition you want. Here are the best Greek yogurt substitutes to try today.

Plain Yogurt

homemade organic yogurt in a glass jar

Plain yogurt, just like Greek yogurt, is made from fermented milk. The difference is that it is not strained. It makes a good substitute for Greek yogurt because it is similar in taste, even though it is not as sharp and acidic as Greek yogurt. The obvious downside is that plain yogurt is not as thick or as Greek. You will need to make sure that you use full-fat plain yogurt. Plain yogurt is the best substitute for Greek yogurt. When you substitute plain yogurt for Greek yogurt, use equal amounts. A 1 to 1 ratio

Sour Cream

sour cream with green onion

Like Greek yogurt, sour cream is a dairy product, which is made from fermented milk. The addition of some lactic acids and bacteria is what makes the cream thick, and therefore closer to Greek yogurt in its consistency. You can make your own at home or buy, depending on how confident you are in making it yourself.

Sour cream is thick and creamy, and it comes out beautifully in baking. It helps bring out the fluffy texture when you bake. The creaminess also helps keep things like sponge cake moist and soft. This characteristic makes it a great substitute. It also has a sharp and tangy taste which is similar to Greek yogurt. They also have similar textures which makes them an excellent substitute. to use it in place of Greek yogurt, use equal amounts, a 1 to 1 ratio.


Best Buttermilk Substitutes

Buttermilk is also fermented dairy milk. It can either be drunk as it is or used for cooking. It makes a good substitute for Greek yogurt since they are both made with cultured milk and can be used to cook with. Just like Greek yogurt, it has an acidity level that makes it tangy and sharp-tasting.

The acidity can also activate the baking soda, and this is how you get fluffy baked goods. The dough will rise better and faster because of this acidity. Just in the same way that the acidity in Greek yogurt works. Buttermilk also adds a rich flavor when you use it for baking. So this is a notable plus. The downside, however, is that buttermilk is not as thick as Greek yogurt.

As such, you will need to prepare for this difference in its consistency. As such you will need to use less buttermilk so that it doesn’t end up making your recipe too runny. Use about ¼ of the amount of buttermilk as you would Greek yogurt. So for every 1 cup of Greek yogurt use ¼ cup of buttercream.

Cream Cheese

Homemade Low Fat Cream Cheese Spread in a Bowl

By definition, cream cheese has at least 33% fat content and a moisture content of a minimum of 55% or less. It is known for its soft and smooth texture.

You can either buy or make your cream cheese. Lactic acid is added to the cream to make cream cheese. It is the acidity that aids in making the dough fluffy when you bake with cream cheese. It is a fresh cheese that makes an excellent greek yogurt substitute.

Cream cheese has a similar texture and flavor as Greek yogurt. This is what also makes it a good substitute. You will not have to sacrifice flavor or texture, and you still get the same benefits you would get when you bake with Greek yogurt. Cream cheese has a higher fat content, and as such, it’s a creamier substitute. Cream cheese works well in pies and cakes alike. To make the substitution, you can use equal amounts of cream cheese and Greek yogurt. This means if your recipe calls for 1 cup of Greek yogurt, you can use 1 cup of cream cheese instead.

Cottage Cheese

cottage cheese substitutes

Cheese is another common substitute for Greek yogurt. One of the reasons for this is the similarity in their consistencies. Cottage cheese is thick and soft. It also had a mild taste and can easily blend in with a wide array of recipes. It’s a fresh cheese made from milk. It is a versatile substitute that you can use in place of Greek yogurt. It is often used to make recipes such as cheesecake.

The downside is that cottage cheese needs to be blended to make it a little smoother. The milder taste may mean that you have to amp it up. You can make the replacement by using a 1 to 1 ratio. That way, you get a consistency closer to yogurt in smoothness.

What is Greek Yogurt Used for in Cooking?

Greek yogurt in blue bowl

Greek yogurt is made from cultured milk that has been allowed to ferment, and the whey drained from it. It differs from regular yogurt in that it is much thicker and denser than regular yogurt. The consistency differs so much that Greek is almost impossible to pour out because of its almost solid nature. Meanwhile, you can pour out regular yogurt easily.

Greek yogurt is often chosen for the creamy texture that it adds to food. Whether baking or cooking, it has very low-fat content, so you are also assured that it will fit right in with a low-fat diet. It also has a tangy and yet also sugarless taste. Therefore, you can use it to blend in with several ingredients and not have to worry that the sugar content found in other yogurts will sway the taste of your recipe.

What Does Greek Yogurt Do in Baking?

Greek yogurt is creamy and lends itself to whatever you bake. Baking with Greek yogurt keeps in moisture. The tangy flavor also comes through and adds a certain amount of acidity. Also, the acidity will help activate the baking soda and this, in turn, makes the baked goods fluffier and softer. The tanginess can also make it an excellent substitute for sour cream. Also, you can use it to garnish confectionery in the same way that you use ice cream and whipped cream. To top it all off, Greek yogurt is healthy and low fat.

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