Can You Freeze Scrambled Eggs? (Cooking Tip)

Scrambled eggs are my favorite food by far. I love scrambled eggs. They’re delicious, they’re filling and they’re super easy to make.

However it’s not unusual for me to overdo my egg scrambling sessions and make way, way too much. Even for me, and I love to eat (I may have mentioned a few times before).

So here’s a cool way to get the most out of your leftover scrambled eggs.

Freezing eggs might seem a bit strange, and some people might well grimace at the thought of it, but there are some good reasons why freezing your scrambled eggs is a good idea.

As well as not letting unwanted food go to waste, if you tend to be a late riser in the morning then reheating your eggs can be a great time saver. And for someone as slow and lazy as me first thing in the morning, this is invaluable.

How to freeze scrambled eggs

Here are some things to keep in mind when scrambling eggs for the freezer…

Make them runny

Not a lot of people enjoy their eggs runny, so perhaps this isn’t the most appetizing way to enjoythem, but leaving them a little runny before going in the freezer will help prevent them from turning rubbery when going through the thawing and reheating process.

Divide into portions

Like with any food, divide the eggs into single-size portions for you to enjoy later. Wrap them in plastic freezer bags and be sure to squeeze out as much air as possible to help prevent the food spoiling.

Beware of the burn

The reason it is so imperative that you wrap your eggs properly is to help prevent freezer burn. This is what happens when exposed food oxidizes and dehydrates, therefore spoiling your food.

Let me be clear: It doesn’t necessarily mean your food will be inedible or harmful. But it certainly won’t be delicious by any means. So be sure to wrap food bound for the freezer as properly and tightly as possible.

Don’t forget to label​

This might seem like a little bit of a chore, but be sure to label each bag with its freezing date. This will help you identify how long each bag has been in your fridge, helping you know which one to consume first.

Be sure to thaw

Like with a lot of food that has been cooked before freezing, make sure that you thaw your eggs completely before. If they still have frozen clumps in them when you go to reheat them then they’re going to be cooked inconsistently.

The best way round this is to put a bag of frozen scrambled eggs in the fridge overnight, giving them plenty of time to thaw thoroughly.

How to reheat eggs

Now for the easy part. I’d avoid the use of a microwave here and instead go straight for a frying pan and simply warm the eggs up on a low heat until warmed through. Nothing fancy here.

How long do frozen scrambled eggs keep?

Frozen scrambled eggs will keep for anywhere up to six months, just as long as they’re wrapped properly throughout the time. While they will be safe to have after that period, their flavor will start to deteriorate… Which no one wants.