How to Reheat Risotto

Risotto can be enjoyed hot or cold, but what’s the best way to reheat the leftovers? Discover the best ways to reheat risotto to preserve its texture and flavors.

How to Reheat Risotto

Made from cooked rice and vegetables, risotto is a dish that can be served hot or cold. For this reason, it can also be cooked in advance and reheated later while still tasting fresh and flavorful. But what’s the best way to do it? From stovetop to microwave, here are the five best ways that keep your risotto as delicious as when it was first cooked.

How to Reheat Risotto


Risotto is an Italian rice dish that is quite difficult to cook. When you get it right or get a large quantity, you would want to keep it fresh and preserved in the best way possible. But freezing it also means that you would need to reheat it. The microwave is one of the easiest and most convenient ways of heating risotto, as with other types of food.

To reheat risotto in a microwave, you will need a microwave and a glass bowl or container that is safe to use in the microwave. The first thing you will want to do removes the risotto from its original packaging and places it in the microwave-safe bowl. Then add water or brine, or stock of your choice to the bowl. 

Turn the microwave on medium heat, and then heat it for about 4minutes. Make sure to keep turning the risotto so that it gets heated up evenly. The downside with using the microwave is that it sometimes dries food out. You can counter this effect by adding butter to the bowl. This will revitalize the texture. Heat it for a few more seconds so that the butter melts. 


To reheat risotto in the oven, you will need an oven, a plate, two bowls, flour, breadcrumbs, cheese, a baking tray, olive oil or cooking spray, parchment paper, and eggs. Before you stick your risotto in the oven, make sure that it is brought to room temperature first.

Once this is done, grate some cheese in, and make sure it is mixed in. then roll the rice into balls. In the bowls, add the flour in one, and eggs in the other, then breadcrumbs on the plate.

Then take the rice balls, roll them in the flour, then in the egg, then coat them in the breadcrumbs. Then preheat the oven to 180˚C. 

Place the rice balls on the baking tray, which is lined with parchment or baking paper, and bake for about 20 minutes until they are brown. This is an excellent method, especially if you are looking to develop something fresh and new. 


If you would like to reheat on a stovetop, remove it from the freezer or fridge and allow it to thaw. The stovetop is excellent, especially if you want to add more ingredients to the dish. For this, you will need a saucepan and a stove. That is in addition to your risotto and the extra ingredients that you may want to throw in. The stock of your choice comes to mind. 

Put the risotto in the pan, and add the stock. Stir for around two minutes. As you reheat it, ensure that it is evenly spread out so that all parts are heated equally as the liquid dries up. The stirring should take about 2 minutes, and then you can remove it from the stove. At this point, you can add some white wine. Then and butter to salvage the texture and taste that you may have lost through reheating. It is essential to make sure that you stir continuously to stick to the bottom throughout the entire heating process. 

Steamer Baskets

Another method you can use is steamer baskets. You will need a stainless steel colander, a pot, and a heatproof bowl for this method. Remove the risotto from the fridge, and make sure it is at room temperature. Switch on the stove, or however, you will be heating the water. The colander should not touch the water when you place it on the pot and close the lid. The point is to steam the risotto over steam, slowly but surely. When you think it is ready, you can remove it for the heat and then add butter and wine. Mix it properly, such that the ingredients are well blended. 

Double Boiler

For this method, you will need a double broiler in addition to your room temperature risotto. Then place it in the upper double broiler pan. The dish needs to be hot. 

The next step will be to add wine or stock. This will help revive the texture and taste of the risotto. You can also throw in a bit of butter just before you serve it. It will bring back a creamy taste to the dish. In the absence of a double broiler, you can use a small pan and a big pan. 

How to store risotto

To store risotto and make sure that it is still good and safe to eat, make sure to keep it in an airtight container in the refrigerator. This way it will be good for about five days. However, if it has meat or tomato, then it may only be good for three days.

How long does risotto last in the refrigerator?

When you freeze it soon after cooking, you can keep it for about 2 to 3 days in the fridge, if you’re pushing, you can keep it for about 5days. Before you refrigerate it, make sure that you cool it down sufficiently. You can keep it in the freezer, much longer, though, up to a few months. 

How to freeze risotto

It is not good to freeze risotto if you want to maintain the original taste and texture. It changes. When you freeze rice, it can become grainier than usual. If you’re going to freeze it, here’s how. Make sure that it is cooled down first. Remember that you will only have a few days before you can safely eat it.

Then portion the risotto into amounts that you think you would use at a time. This way, you don’t end up reheating the entire batch only to use a little. Then place it in airtight containers and put it in the freezer.