11 Best Keto Bread Recipes

Check out this list of the best keto bread recipes from around the web. Easy bread recipes featuring almond flour and more!

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Going Keto offers you many benefits. It helps you lose weight, makes your skin healthier, is good for your brain and heart health, and also minimizes the chances of many risks and complications.

However, to gain the benefits, you need to sacrifice many of your favorite foods. And, one such food that people need to sacrifice, and miss a lot, is bread. Bread is comfort food for most. You perhaps are used to eating toast for breakfast, different types of sandwiches for lunch, and then a slice of bread, with maybe baked vegetables, or pasta, for dinner.

It is thus but natural that you miss bread a lot. But, since you can consume a very restricted amount of carbs, eating the usual bread is not possible. That, however, does not mean you cannot have bread at all. You, in fact, can make your own keto-friendly bread at home and enjoy eating it the way you like.

So, let us waste no time, and straightaway get to learn 11 best keto bread recipes that you can start making and eating right away.

The Keto Bread

Top this bread with a little butter and you will feel you are eating your usual bread. It has an amazing soft center and a perfectly crispy crust. You will love eating it warm, right when you take it out of your oven. Or, you may even freeze it, defrost when needed, and make a perfect toast.

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Almond Flour Bread

This almond flour bread is simple and easy to make and has a texture quite similar to the whole-wheat bread you are used to having. It is fluffy and amazing for toasts and sandwiches as well. And, you just need a few ingredients – almond flour, eggs, butter, psyllium husks, salt, xanthan gum, baking powder, and water, and you are all set to make your perfect keto bread.

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The Best Keto Bread Recipe

This keto bread is amazing and can be sliced to perfection. You can just slather butter and have it or may even make sandwiches and enjoy it. This one does not have any eggy flavor and has a perfect bread-like texture.

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The Best Keto Bread Recipe – Low Carb Bread

If you are interested in baking bread that will turn out just perfect then your search ends here. The best thing is it is very easy to make this one. And, once you make it, you will want to repeat over and over again – it is that delicious.

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5-Ingredient Easy Paleo Bread

This recipe helps you make white fluffy paleo keto bread that is easy and quick. The base of this bread uses coconut flour, almond flour, egg whites, butter, and baking powder. Making the keto bread is also very easy. You simply need to mix all the dry ingredients in your food processer and then add the melted butter. Next, fold in the beaten egg whites and mix all the ingredients. Transfer to your baking pan and bake it.

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Incredible Low Carb Almond Flour Keto Bread

This keto bread is delicious, quick to make, and super easy. You just need a few ingredients – eggs, almond flour, grass-fed ghee, lemon juice, a pinch of salt, and baking powder. And, in a very short duration, your perfectly baked keto bread will be ready.

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90-Second Microwavable Low Carb Keto Bread

Yes, you read that right – you will be microwaving this keto almond flour bread in only 90 seconds. And, the result is fluffy, soft, and delectable. It helps make perfect sandwiches that you surely are going to fall in love with. What is amazing is that you will not even be able to identify it as being a keto version.

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Soft And Fluffy Keto Bread

Not only will you enjoy the taste of this keto bread, but you will also be in love with its aroma as well. You will get the perfect texture using yeast, almond flour, and a few more ingredients. You can even store the leftovers in the fridge. Slices can also be kept in sandwich bags and stored frozen for about 3 months.

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Seeded Bread

This keto seeded bread recipe allows you to enjoy the perfect bread you are used to having so long but with low carb ingredients. Thanks to the addition of seeds like chia seeds and sesame seeds, this one tastes quite like the usual bread.

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Dinner Rolls

This recipe is delicious, filling, and simple. Once you eat it, you will want to bake it often. You can either eat them by themselves or even use them as a low-carb pizza crust or hamburger buns. Either way, they will taste just amazing.

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Gluten Free & Keto 90 Second Bread

This 90 keto second bread is not even slightly eggy and it toasts just amazing. It is soft, a little crumbly, and dense. But, whenever you warm it up it becomes as soft and tastes as great as a nice sweet bun. And, to enjoy such a delectable outcome, you just need to wait for about 90 seconds.

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