11 Best Chicken Parmigiana Recipes

Chicken parmigiana (or Parmesan) is the hearty Italian/American classic we all know and love. For me, even the faintest scent of parmigiana is enough to bring back warm childhood memories of having this comfort meal for dinner. I have tried to recreate my mom’s, but it’s just not the same… Thankfully however, some of the more benevolent people of the internet have me spoiled for choice with their fantastic versions of the classic.

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From healthy to “maybe I’ll need another half hour at the gym,” we’ve cherry-picked eleven of the best out there because goodness knows, there certainly isn’t a shortage of them. Of course, a classic is a classic, but making subtle changes to your chicken parmigiana recipe can really make things a little more interesting.

If you feel like changing up the tried and tested recipe, or simply want to drool over these recipes for a few minutes, let’s take a look at our roundup of chicken parmigiana heaven.

1. Crispy Chicken Parmesan (Parmigiana)

Like I said, a classic is a classic, so why improve on it? Here is the perfect summation of your classic, bread and butter chicken parmigiana, and that is by no means a slight!

Crispy bread-crumbed chicken, herby marinara sauce and oozing mozzarella cheese, sometimes there’s no need to build on an old favorite.

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2. Baked Chicken Parmesan

If you’re counting those calories then we feel for you, but there’s no reason why you have to miss out on having chicken parm for dinner.

For something a little healthier, this one has the health conscious in mind. As a pose to frying the chicken, why not bake it? We can guarantee the taste without the guilt… well, not too much guilt.

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3. Authentic Italian Chicken Parmesan {Family Recipe}

For a little more Italian authenticity look no further.

If you’re tired of panko breadcrumbs, try making your own. Or you could go one step further and make authentic Italian breadcrumbs. Check out the link to the San Marzano tomato sauce at the bottom of the page too for a rich Italian style tomato sauce.

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4. Cheat’S Chicken Parmigiana

Why run when you can walk? If you don’t have much time on your hands, or you’re new to cooking chicken parm, maybe take a few shortcuts?

Cooking chicken parmigiana entirely from scratch can be time-consuming, so here’s a simple and easy way out for making chicken parmigiana. Buying a pre-made marinara sauce will save you time, just make sure you find a quality sauce so as not to substitute flavor for simplicity.

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5. Easy Chicken Parmigiana Recipe

For the non-calorie counters, we salute you with this recipe of chicken parmigiana served over a bed of fettuccine Alfredo. It’s two sublime tastes of Italian/American cuisine in one!

If you want extra tenderness from the chicken try tenderloin too. Please don’t complain if you can’t get up from your chair after eating this recipe — you know it was worth it!

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6. Best Chicken Parmesan Recipe

Maintaining the crispiness of the breadcrumbs in your chicken parm can often prove to be difficult. Nobody likes a soggy bottom! Why not use both panko and regular, Italian seasoned breadcrumbs? It helps in providing that much-needed crisp.

If that’s not enough crispiness, spoon the marinara sauce on the chicken right before serving. You won’t regret it when you’re all aboard the flavor express ending at flavor city… sorry, I’ll stop now.

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7. Stuffed Chicken Parmesan Recipe

Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner? Rather than coating the chicken in cheese, slice open the chicken breast and stuff it!

Watching a knife cut into to a gooey, cheesy center actually makes my mouth water. It’s not just for mouth watering purposes either; stuffing the breast with mozzarella cheese keeps the meat tender as well as tasting great.

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8. Chicken Parmigiana

For the cheese enthusiasts you probably already know how to distinguish between your burrata and bocconcini. For the rest of us — they’re just different types of mozzarella.

Mix it up! Mozzarella isn’t just mozzarella, who knew? Using bocconcini mozzarella instead of regular old mozzarella will add a subtle yet tasty distinction to your chicken parmigiana. Oh, and you can sound like a fully-fledged foodie at dinner parties.

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9. Chicken Parmigiana

Sometimes subtle alterations to run-of-the-mill ingredients and recipes make a world of difference to your taste buds.

Rather than olive oil why not try avocado oil? And for extra juicy chicken, why not brine it overnight in salt water? Double dipping the chicken in the egg and breadcrumbs also makes for an extra layer of crispy goodness.

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10. Easy Chicken Parmesan Recipe

You don’t always have to top your chicken parmigiana with mozzarella cheese; provolone is an equally tasty alternative as this recipe proves.

If you’re in a cheesy kind of mood, you could always add mozzarella and provolone cheese; of course that’s not forgetting the Parmesan too. If you want your homemade marinara sauce to be smooth, be sure to blend it to get rid of those chunks.

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11. Chicken Parmigiana Using Ham

Remember earlier when I said, why build on a classic? Well, this recipe is living proof that you most certainly can by simply adding ham!

Granted, it’s a simple change, but nonetheless effective. Just before you top the pan-fried chicken with cheese, add ham and diced tomatoes. Who says you need to be Gordon Ramsay to add flavor to your dishes? Just add ham, that’s my motto!

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