How to Reheat Cornbread

Cornbread can be enjoyed hot or cold, but what’s the best way to reheat the leftovers? Discover the best ways to reheat cornbread to preserve its texture and taste.

how to reheat cornbread


The oven is one of the more common ways to reheat food, mostly because it’s usually already part of your stove. However, the type of oven you use will determine how effective it will be in reheating the cornbread. Some ovens will not evenly distribute the heat, and as such, they do not evenly reheat the food unless you look for an oven that has functions made explicitly with this function. A fan-assisted oven will help with even heat distribution.

For you to reheat using a conventional kitchen oven, you will need a tray, aluminum foil, and of course, the cornbread and your oven. Preheat the oven at 350˚F for about 15 minutes. Remove the tray. Then line the oven tray with a sheet of aluminum foil. Place the cornbread on the foil and then place another sheet of aluminum foil over the bread. This will act as a heat conductor and keep the bread from charring before it properly heats up. 

Then heat for between 10 to 15 minutes. Remove the tray and serve as you please. This method has the advantage of keeping the cornbread moist and soft as if you just baked it. However, it takes a longer time than most methods.

Toaster Oven

One of the primary functions of a toaster oven is to reheat. It gives you some of the convenience of a regular oven but with the portability of a countertop version. In most cases, the toaster oven is used instead of a typical kitchen oven which may be part of a stand-alone stove or a fitted one. 

The downside with using a toaster oven is that it may not be large enough for all dishes. The standard size is about 22inches long and 12inches high, making it challenging to make a full Thanksgiving dinner. However, it does a great job of reheating food such as cornbread.

Since cornbread is a baked meal, it is essential to find a way to reheat without burning the crust or drying it out. You still want it to be light and fluffy when you are done. A toaster oven helps you do this quickly. It will not only be a faster option, but it also distributes heat evenly, making it an efficient option. 

To use the toaster oven method, preheat it to 350˚F. Then lay the aluminum foil on the plate, and put the cornbread on the foil. Heat the bread for about 20 minutes. You can remove it from the oven after this time has passed and wait for it to cool slightly before serving your preferred sides. The bread will be fresh on the inside and have a crispy crust on the outside. 


The microwave is often the most common way of heating food. It is easy and fast, and convenient. Also, there are fewer chances of you getting burnt during the process. You will need a microwave, a microwave-safe plate or dish, a cover, paper towels, and cornbread to use this method. DO NOT USE FOIL. 

Set your microwave to the reheat setting. Then wrap the cornbread in paper towels, and this way, you ensure that moisture doesn’t escape. Then place the bread in the plate or container and cover it. Reheat it for about 30 seconds. It’s better to start with less time and put it back in for more seconds if it isn’t entirely done yet. Once it passes the sweet spot, it’s easy to end up with overheated, inedible bread. 

When it is done, you can serve it as desired, using the dressing that you prefer. 


You will need a cast-iron skillet, a stovetop, your cornbread, and butter or oil if you are using the stovetop. First, grease the skillet with the butter or oil that you prefer to use. Make sure that it is well lubricated and evenly distributed. Turn the stove on to a medium-low setting. Then place the cornbread in the skillet. 

Turn the read occasionally, making sure that each side is evenly heated. Tongs will come in handy here. It should take about 5minures for the bread to be evenly heated on all sides. While this is a fast method, it has the downside of using oil or butter, which may clash with several diets.

Instant Pot

You can also use an instant pot to reheat your cornbread. It is also known as a pressure cooker. As such, it is a good bet if you are in a hurry. To use this method, you will need a heat-resistant container, foil, a lid (that is also equally resistant, butter or an oil of your choice, and the cornbread that you will be reheating. 

The first step will be to brush the butter or oil over the cornbread. This is to make sure that they don’t stick to each other. Put the cornbread in the heat-resistant container and place it in the instant pot. You have two options here. Either you use the slow cook setting or the warming setting. For the slow cook setting, make sure to wrap the bread in foil or parchment paper. Then close the pot with the glass lid and let it get to work. 

The advantage of using this method is that you can stack up many layers of cornbread and reheat them at the same time. This will save you time. The downside with this method is that you can end up with soggy bread, and also, you will not get the same crispy crust as you do with an oven. 

Air Fryer

An air fryer is said to be one of the more healthy ways to cook because it helps you cut down on the amount of oil you use. It is also convenient, efficient, and fast. For this, you will need a silicone mold, an air fryer, and your cornbread. 

The first thing to do will be to preheat the air fryer for about 7 minutes. Then place the cornbread in the silicone molds and put it in the air fryer. It’s essential to make sure the bread is dry and has no leftover toppings, dressings, or oils on it. Leave it in for about 15minutes maximum. However, you will need to constantly check up on the bread to make sure it is moving along fine and not drying out.