11 Best Vegan Gyros Recipes [Tempeh, Jackfruit, Tofu]

Check out these best vegan gyros recipes from around the web. Vegan-friendly recipes including jackfruit, tofu, eggplant, and more!

Best Vegan Gyros Recipes

Are you in love with the classic Greek dish, gyros? Consisting of a warm and chewy flatbread, traditionally, pita bread, gyros are a must-not-miss something. Taking the cake with the protein-packed element of the bread, gyros totally delight your taste buds with their rich fillings. Usually, they are filled with pork or lamb, onions, and tomatoes, while being topped with some creamy-licious tzatziki sauce – and that’s why they don’t really seem a dish apt for the vegans.

The amazing twist here is that you can always work up equally delicious gyros with some vegan-friendly alternatives, that too without compromising on the flavors or the textures. Below is a collection of the best vegan gyro recipes that are going to make you fall in love with them.

Pulled Jackfruit & Dairy-Free Tzatziki

Pulled Jackfruit & Dairy-Free Tzatziki Gyros

While gyros is mainly a non-veg lover’s treat, here’s a delicious vegan version to the dish. The meat is replaced by some baked jack fruit awesomeness. Some spices and herbs bring out a great flavor when prepared with red onions, soy sauce and tomato paste. Other highlights for the filling are lettuce, cucumber, tomato slices, onion, and potato fries. All housed inside a Greek pita or gluten-free flatbread for a mouthwatering wrap.

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Instant Pot Lentil-Walnut Ragu

vegan gyros recipe idea

Exhibiting the flavor and texture of an authentic Greek gyro, this treat is adorned with a homemade vegan tzatziki sauce. The whole idea is to saute onion and garlic, further adding the seasonings, and de-glazing with veggie stock. Some lentils, walnut and spices are topped with tomatoes and pressure cooked. A blend of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern magic.

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White Mushroom & Tofu Tzatziki

White Mushroom & Tofu Tzatziki Gryos

It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to get this dish going! These vegan and nut-free gyros with mushrooms and tzatziki are worked up with just a matter of 5 ingredients. You have got some sliced mushrooms , onion, vegan Worcestershire sauce, shawarma spice blend, some sugar or other sweetener, and some optional garlic.

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Street-Style Chickpea & Tomato

Street-Style Chickpea & Tomato Gyros

All the credit for the charm of these street style gyros goes to some snack-worthy and super healthy chickpeas. The dish is a wonderful combination of pitas, romaine lettuce, beefy red tomatoes, red onions, black olives, and some vegan tzatziki sauce that you can whip up all by yourself. The roasted chickpeas make it a treat in every bite.

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Vegetable Beef & Dairy-Free Tzatziki

Vegetable Beef & Dairy-Free Tzatziki Gyros

That topping of tzatziki sauce on these delectable gyros makes them as tasty to eat as they’re rich to look at. The fact that this plant-based dish is loaded with vegetables, whole grains and proteins makes it a super satisfying dinner option. The fluffy pita adds a truly relishing texture to the final dish.

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Tempeh, Thyme Marinade & Yukon Gold Potatoes

Tempeh, Thyme Marinade & Yukon Gold Potatoes Gyros

Delicious boiled or steamed tempeh is combined with luscious marinade that has got a blend of herbs and veggie broth. To make the treat more awesome, you can add some oven potatoes into the filling that mainly combines tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and vegan tzatziki. The pita bread packs the magic with perfection.

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Roasted Jackfruit, Cashews & Cremini Mushrooms

Roasted Jackfruit, Cashews & Cremini Mushrooms Gyros

How about transforming some naan bread, jack fruit and cremini mushrooms into decadent gyros with rich tzatziki. Some roasted jack fruit when combined with crispy potatoes tastes addicting when spruced up with the correct blend of spices, onions, jalapenos, and garlic. Unsweetened coconut yogurt is the best thing about this tzatziki.

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Za’atar Eggplant & Dill Hummus

Za'atar Eggplant & Dill Hummus Gyros

The combination of pita and hummus is surely a classic one – and that’s why they together end up in these marvelous gyros. However, the twist here is the addition of Za’atar seasoned eggplant to the treat. The topping of hummus-dill sauce has also got juicy tomatoes and crispy-in-texture cucumbers.

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Portabella Mushroom & Egg-Free Mayo

Portabella Mushroom & Egg-Free Mayo Gyros

The fact that these portabella mushrooms are nestled with rich and thick spinach makes them not only healthy, but oh so awesome in every bite. The dense flavor of the mushrooms is taken to new heights by the addition of velvety white sauce that calls for vegan mayonnaise, raw shelled hemp seeds, lemon juice, dried mint, and dill weed.

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Rosemary Tempeh, Dairy-Free Feta & Tofu

Rosemary Tempeh, Dairy-Free Feta & Tofu Gyros

This thick and airy warm pita joins hands with browned succulent slices and lots of marinated tempeh. A rich addition of homemade vegan tzatziki sauce and some Tabbouleh make the recipe standout. The sauce is not only tasty, but also equally healthy and has mostly been worked up using tofu.

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