5 Best Mini Freezers of 2023 [Homelabs, Koolatron, Midea, Danby]

A mini freezer will keep your frozen essentials nearby in your home office or bedroom for when you need them most. Find out everything you need to know with our guide to the best mini freezers today.

Best Mini Freezers

hOmeLabs 3.3 Cubic Feet

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The hOmeLabs Mini Fridge is one of the most stylish freezers in the market that will make your head turn on the very first look. It has a sleek black exterior that will add a touch of elegance to any kind of room décor.

Despite being a mini freezer, there’s ample storage facility inside it. We’re highly impressed with the roomy interior and the removable glass shelves only make it better. You can change the size of the chambers by changing the level of a shelf or by taking it out.

The freezer comes with 3 different temperature settings: min, med, and max. The med and max modes are used for the freezing chamber while the min mode is used for the refrigerator part. You can change the temperature settings just by turning the knob.


  • Sleek black exterior design
  • Spacious interior
  • 3 different temperature settings
  • Adjustable shelf design


  • Not Energy Star rated

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a statement piece in your room that will make a great appearance then this one is the best choice for you. Along with sleek looks, it also has ample storage inside to hold all your frozen essentials.

hOmeLabs 3.3 Cubic Feet Under Counter
  • This single door electric mini fridge with 18.5 x 17.7 x 33.9 inches measurement and 3.3 cubic feet...
  • By turning the thermostat knob, our refrigerator can be adjusted to three temperature modes: Max,...
  • Designed with a sleek black exterior that adds a classy touch to any room in your home or office. It...

Koolatron Upright Cube

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Are you planning to buy the best mini freezer in the market without making a dent in your wallet? Well, we have found just the right one for you. The Koolatron 1.2-Cubic Foot Upright Cube Freezer comes at a super affordable price tag and tons of amazing features.

The freezer has a 1.2-cubic foot capacity which is around 34-liters. It consists of an R600a refrigerant with a compressor cooling feature for efficient temperature management. The adjustable thermostat allows you to change the cooling level from 0°C and -24°C at ambient air temperature.

It includes a fixed-grip shelf where you can separate and organize your foods. It comes with an easy-to-clean interior liner and adjustable leveling feet for an easy cleaning process. Keep the freezer in a well-ventilated area and away from high heat sources like an oven, grills, etc.


  • Compact and durable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Compressor cooling system
  • Easy and hassle-free cleaning process
  • Recessed handle with reversible door


  • The grid shelf is not adjustable

Final Verdict

The freezer has a compact design yet an absolute powerhouse for the price. It’s a perfect choice for home, office, RV, or any place where you need a freezer to store frozen foods.

Koolatron Upright Cube
  • 1.2 cu ft (34 L) Capacity: Compact upright freezer with 1.2 cubic foot (34 liter) capacity fits...
  • Space-Saving Flat-Back Design: Convenient mini freezer features a smooth back with enclosed...
  • Easy Organization: Removable wire shelf lets you organize contents efficiently and the grid pattern...

Whynter Energy Star Upright

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If you’re worried about the increasing electricity bill then worry no more. The Whynter 2.1-cubic ft Freezer has an Energy-Star rating and it consumes less energy than a light bulb. Standing at 27.5-inches tall, it provides just the right amount of space for storing your favorite snacks, drinks, and other frozen essentials.

It has a stainless-steel exterior with a rose gold finish that will match with all kinds of room décor. The recessed handle gives a flush finish that blends well with the door. It has an R600a compressor for reliable temperature management. The temperature ranges from 10° – 2°F at room temperature.

One of the most unique features of this freezer is that it comes with a lock system. You can use this as a safe storage unit if you’re storing expensive medicines, foods, or alcohol. Also, it makes little to no noise. Even if you keep it around the bedside, you’ll not feel disturbed at all.


  • Spacious storage facility
  • Aesthetic design
  • Reversible door hinge
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Energy-star rated appliance


  • Needs frequent defrosting

Final Verdict

If you want to give the room an aesthetic vibe with the mini freezer then this one is an excellent option for you. It has a spacious design with a lock system for all your frozen essentials. Overall, it’s an outstanding freezer with superior features.

Whynter Energy Star Upright
  • Compact Freezer: Ideal for any small space where cold storage is needed, this (uses less power than...
  • Flexible Food Storage: Our small freezer features 2 removable flat slide-out wire shelves for added...
  • Quick Freeze and Consistent Temperature: Built to ensure efficient temperature distribution, this...

Midea WHS-109FW1

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Midea is a brand that’s adored all over the globe. This mini freezer by Midea is nothing short of amazing and it’s absolutely one of the best mini freezers in the market. It has a dimension of 19.3×21.37×33.9-inches with a capacity of 3 cubic ft.

It includes an adjustable thermostat to ensure optimum temperature setting in the freezer and it ranges from -11.2ᵒ F to 10.4ᵒ F. There are also adjustable legs in the form that can be leveled in different heights for better versatility. Also, a removable shelf system helps to adjust the shelf and store irregular-shaped items.

The freezer has the Energy Star certificate that makes this one highly energy efficient. It has a whisper-quiet operation and the sound level is only about 33.4 dB. Be it a dorm room, a bedroom, or your officer, you’ll not be bothered at all due to the noise.


  • Available in different colors
  • Low-noise
  • The low energy consumption rate
  • Adjustable thermostat for temperature control


  • Slightly bulky design

Final Verdict

This freezer has a highly convenient storage option with a low energy consumption rate. If you want a moderately sized mini freezer then do give this one a try.

Midea WHS-109FW1
  • Features adjustable temperature range from -11.2°F to 8.6°F for the Midea freezer.
  • Comes with reversible door for the Midea freezer that can open from left or right with cabinet...
  • Contains two fixed shelves and a removable wire drawer for the Midea freezer.

Danby Designer DCF038A2WDB-3

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The Danby Designer 2.6 cu. ft. Compact Refrigerator has a compact size with a classy appearance. It has a glossy finish that will jazz up the look of any room. The scratch-resistant worktop ensures that it’ll last for years without deteriorating the quality.

The freezer is not fancy on the outside but on the inside too. comes with adjustable wire shelves that will help you store large soda bottles. It has a unique CanStor beverage dispensing system as well. The R600a cooling system ensures an adjustable temperature setting to keep things fresh inside the freezer.

Ice build-up around the door is a common problem in the mini freezers. However, you’ll not face such a problem when you have this baby around. It has an automatic defrost system that effectively prevents ice build-up in the door and keeps it properly shut. Also, it’s an Energy Star compliant appliance which means it consumes very little energy throughout the year.


  • Spacious design with ample storage facility
  • Suitable for storing tall soda cans
  • Comes with a beverage dispenser
  • Automatic defrost


  • Cooling is not consistent across the shelves

Final Verdict

This mini freezer will be the best mini freezer for beverage lovers. The adjustable shelves make it easier to store large cans and the beverage dispenser is just the cherry on top.

Danby Designer DCF038A2WDB-3
  • Energy efficient foam insulated cabinet & lid
  • Manual defrost
  • 1 adjustable white wire basket

Important Features

Convenience and accessibility

One of the reasons why you look for a mini freezer is so that you have frozen food on hand. This means convenience is critical. You need to think about how easy it will be to access the freezer.


The size is a crucial factor to consider because it says how much space and volume you have to spare. Knowing this will help you plan accordingly. The volume is an indication of how much food you can fit in the freezer. Capacity and size are not the same things, so take note. Two freezers may be of different sizes but have the same capacity.


Now let’s look at the size, which is an important feature too. It determines if you will be able to fit the freezer where you need it to be. A mini freezer is often used when you don’t have too much space to spare, so the size is essential. Think about the space the freezer will need for the door to open fully. You don’t want to be damaging the body because there isn’t enough room to open the freezer. A reversible door may come in handy if you are truly tight on space. 

Energy Consumption

Find out how much energy the fridge needs to be powered. This will also help you budget your power consumption according to your local power utility tariffs. In addition, you can know how efficient the freezer is in saving energy by looking at the owner’s manual or an energy sticker that is often placed on the freezer, telling you how much power it consumes. 

Noise factor.

Check on how loud you can expect the mini freezer to be, so you can know if it fits in with your lifestyle. The amount of noise that it makes is measured in dB. However, you will rarely find a freezer that lists this rating for you. If noise is a factor for you, look for models that specifically address the issue, such as whisper models. This means that you will hardly hear the change between cycles. 

What size mini freezer should I get?

Generally, there are about three main sizes of mini freezers. You can get them in 1.1, 2.1, and 3.0 cubic feet. The miniature version is often about 18inches for each side. This makes it small enough to fit in relatively small spaces. For example, it will easily fit under a study desk. 

The medium size mini freezers come in about 2.1cubic feet, which is about the size big enough to keep food cold for a few people. They are tall enough to fit under a lofted bed or a counter. A sizeable mini freezer may sound like an oxymoron, but they offer bigger space. With volumes ranging from 3cubic feet, they can serve as an appendage to your already existing fridge. They are large enough to store a considerable amount of food, not as much as a larger freestanding fridge, but enough to serve as an extra fridge. 

The size you get is determined by what you intend to use the fridge for and where you will be placing it. As we have mentioned the different sizes above, they are better suited for various spaces. But working on suppositions doesn’t help much. Numbers do. Here’s a great way to help.

A cubic foot of space will store about 35pounds of food. Just keep in mind that you will not be putting the food in the freezer outside of the packaging. So make some room for the packaging as well. Also, as you pack, there will be some pockets of space, so you will need to factor that in. generally, each person will need about 1.5cubic feet of space in the freezer. So you know that a 1.1cubic feet freezer is big enough for one person and won’t store more food than that. 

Are mini freezers quiet?

Not all mini freezers are created equal. If noise is a deal-breaker for you, then make sure to look for a freezer that has low noise technology. This means that you won’t need to worry about the freezer’s humming as it switches cycles. You can choose to make sure that you get a freezer that does not have a buzz. 

How much do mini freezers cost to run?

The actual cost will depend on your local power company. The key to calculating this accurately is knowing how many watts the mini freezer uses. Freezers usually come with a sticker, which specifies how much power the freezer uses. To make this calculation, multiply the energy cost by the amount per kWh. In most cases, a mini freezer consumes approximately between 233kwH and 310kwH.

The cost of running can vary. For instance, opening and closing the freezer frequently can cause power consumption to go up. You may also increase power consumption if the freezer is old and has outdated technology. Another contributing factor is when outside temperatures are high or if the cooling settings are not set right. How you use the freezer will determine how much you wind up paying to run it every month and, consequently, every year. Generally, when set right and all systems are working right, a mini freezer shouldn’t put you off-budget, as they do not consume a lot of power. 


Can you use a mini freezer as a mini-fridge?

Yes, you can, with a few modifications. However, it’s a process that will need some technical know-how.

Can you plug a freezer into a regular outlet?

Yes, you can. They use standard outlets, and as such, it is a simple process. 

Can you keep a freezer outside in the summer?

Direct sunlight can affect the freezer, and as such, it should have a covering if it will be placed outside. Putting a freezer in warmer spaces may mean that you have to pay more for electrical bills.