5 Best Avocado Oils for Cooking

Avocado oil is known for its high smoke point and healthy fats, but choosing the right one can make all the difference. Explore our recommendations for the best avocado oil for cooking at home.

best avocado oil for cooking

Avocado oil boasts a beautiful nutty taste and a relatively high smoking point compared to other plant-based oils, and is seeing its popularity grow year-on-year.

If you’re browsing the market for avocado oil, you can find various options that’ll suit your taste. Whether you plan to drizzle the oil on your fresh shrimp salad or use it to stir-fry your veggies, it’ll take your meal to the next level.

Whether you’re looking for a cooking spray oil or a refined, healthier alternative, discover our guide to the best avocado oils for cooking today. Let’s get cooking!

best avocado oil for cooking

Avohass Avocado Oil

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Avohass offers a versatile option for those following a keto, paleo, and vegan lifestyle. It’s an ideal cold-pressed fat choice that uses extracts from ripe California avocados.

The USDA-certified oil is perfect as a salad dressing. A drizzle of this stuff can elevate your greens by adding nuttiness and depth. Despite its low smoking point, approximately 400 degrees F, you can use it for sauteing and stir-frying.

One of Avohass’s most unique selling points is its line of other flavors, including chili, garlic, and lime.


  • USDA certification
  • Unrefined
  • Flavor line


  • Relatively low smoking point
  • Pricey
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Primal Kitchen Extra Virgin Avocado Oil

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The Primal Kitchen extra virgin avocado oil carries lots of uses. You can use it for several cooking applications, such as broiling, grilling, baking, and dressing.

It has a mild but delectable flavor. You can incorporate it into your tossed kale salads or drizzle it over your dishes for a more nuanced presentation.

Add the lubricant while sauteing your veggies or blending a flavorful pesto sauce. Either way, your final product will be distinctive. Besides its extra virgin product, Primal Kitchen also sells avocado oil cooking sprays.


  • Extra virgin and cold pressed
  • Available in cooking spray form
  • Flexible cooking applications


  • Costly
Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil, Whole30 Approved,...
  • PRIMAL KITCHEN AVOCADO OIL: Made from avocados
  • LIGHT, DELICIOUS FLAVOR: Enjoy as a cooking oil or drizzled over salads
  • VERSATILE COOKING OIL: Great for grilling, broiling, baking, and more

BetterBody Refined Avocado Oil

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BetterBody refined avocado oil accommodates plenty of dietary restrictions. It’s gluten-free, kosher, keto-friendly, paleo-friendly, and non-GMO. The best part about this oil is its high-heat cooking ability thanks to its 500-degree smoking point.

Since the product is refined, you won’t get that signature grassy flavor. Instead, it offers a neutral taste, which is well-suited when roasting meats and vegetables.

The oil is also suitable as a butter substitute in baking or cooking. BetterBody’s 10-gram monounsaturated fat content gives you several health benefits, from lowering cholesterol levels to improving your insulin health.


  • High-heat cooking
  • Neutral flavor
  • Cost-effective


  • Packaged in a plastic bottle
BetterBody Foods Refined Avocado Oil, Non-GMO...
  • COLD WEATHER WARNING: Avocado Oil has natural sediment and waxes, making the oil appear cloudy or...
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Pompeian 100% Avocado Oil Cooking Spray

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Pompeian 100% avocado cooking spray offers more convenience than a distinguished, earthy flavor. We may often be heavy-handed when dribbling oil into a pan.

Subsequently, a cooking spray alternative is ideal when controlling your portions. An avocado spraying oil prevents you from wasting, which is essential due to the oil’s relatively high market price.

That said, each Pompeian spray bottle comes with 500 sprays. In turn, the high-heat lubricant is cost-effective and easy to use. The oil also incorporates a subtle nutty flavor. You can use it for roasting, grilling, and stir-frying comfortably with its 470 to 510 degree F smoke point.


  • Adaptable to high-heat cooking
  • Convenient to use
  • Inexpensive


  • Not always non-stick
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  • AIR PRESSURE ONLY: Pompeian cooking sprays contain no propellants or additives, providing you the...
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La Tourangelle Avocado Oil

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La Tourangelle is an artisan-style brand that sources avocados from local farms in Santa Barbara, California.

It stresses authenticity and sustainable practice while enriching your meals one drizzle at a time. The company uses 150-year-old traditional French methods of extraction to perfect each bottle. La Tourangelle’s avocado oil is virgin, as evidenced by its bright green hue.

You can use the oil for your marinades and dressings. It also pairs well with a bowl of fruit salad or cooked meats like seafood. Not only does it work well in the kitchen, but it also offers moisturizing properties for your hair and skin.

The lightweight oil is an ideal substitute for other vegetable oil variations such as olive, sunflower, and canola.


  • Sustainably created
  • Non-GMO
  • Great value for money


  • Requires refrigeration after opening
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What is Avocado Oil?

Unlike other plant-based oils that are seed-extracted, manufacturers distill avocado oil from the fruit’s flesh. Even though avocados are biologically a fruit, people commonly refer to their oil as vegetable oil.

Avocado oil comes in two forms, virgin and refined. Creating the all-virgin version involves pressing the fruit’s pulp and spinning it to separate the oils from the solids and water. The oil is characteristically nutty in flavor and sports a vibrant green color.

Meanwhile, the refined avocado oil is light yellow. Producers create it by filtering the virgin type to draw out impurities and excess pulp.

How is Avocado Oil Used in Cooking?

Due to the oil’s lack of wide availability in the market compared to other options, cooks prefer to use it as a garnishing oil.

Nevertheless, you can use refined avocado oil for sauteing and frying, but the amount needed would be costly.

The mushroomy, rich flavor will likely get lost if you cook with its virgin counterpart. Subsequently, we suggest using it for dressing salads or creating multiple dip options.

What to Look Out For

When purchasing avocado oil, you’ll want to consider several factors. They can include its price, smoke point, purity, taste, and usage. For example, a refined and high smoking point choice works best for roasting chicken or steak.

On the other hand, if you want to enhance your meal with the oil’s distinctive buttery and nutty flavor, opt for an extra virgin one. The cold-pressed version will deliver a more flavorful addition to your salads.

Besides that, avocado oil tends to veer on the expensive side since it’s not as commercially available as other choices like olive oil. Nevertheless, some brands offer cost-effective options that’ll allow you to experience the luxurious taste without breaking the bank.