10 Dolmas Recipes to Complete Your Meze

best dolmas recipes

Dolmas are a healthy and delicious finger food to take to a picnic or to add to a collection of mezedhes spread around the table.

They’re popular in Middle Eastern cuisine, as well as in Turkey and Greece. As is the way with dishes native to a broad area of the world, the name of the dish can vary – so don’t be confused when you see them also referred to as dolmeh or dolmades!

Dolmas means ‘stuffed’, and can mean stuffed grape leaves, stuffed peppers, or stuffed eggplant. Today we’re going to focus on the grape leaf variety, which are rolled and filled with rice and sometimes meat.

vegetarian stuffed grape leaves

So I’ve brought together some of the best dolma recipes from around the web, with some tips from the makers themselves. Enjoy!

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