3 Best Vacuum Sealers of 2023 [Food, Fish & Liquids]

Vacuum sealers are the best kitchen appliances for packing and storing food for the long term. But with factors and attributes like seal width, motor speed, and bag detection to consider, where do you start? Find out everything you need to know with our guide to the best vacuum sealers today.

Best Vacuum Sealers

Food packing companies have been using vacuum sealers for more than 50 years to save them money. The method prevents the spoiling of food, prolonging the shelf life of food products. On top of stopping the growth of mold and bacteria, it keeps food fresh. Vacuum sealing is still used in the modern world for the exact same purpose. It is an economical and convenient way that households can use to protect, preserve, and store food.

However, these types of bacteria thrive in the presence of oxygen. When food is vacuum sealed, the bacteria are deprived oxygen, thus halting their growth cycle and rendering them inert. Without oxygen, these microorganisms cannot attack your food.

Weston Pro-2300 Vacuum Sealer

Weston Pro-2300

This machine is optimal for preserving game fish, domestic meats, vegetables or your valuable possessions from the harmful effects of oxygen and moisture. It can seal bags with a width of up to 15 inches which makes it suitable for all kinds of work. It has a powerful double piston pump seal bar for finishing any type of work within the shortest time possible.

It can be operated manually or automatically. The manual settings are available for sealing those soft foods which require a certain level of pressure. It comes with led lights that give you the benefit of monitoring the sealing process.

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FoodSaver 4840

This device combines both a standard and a handheld vacuum sealer, thus the 2 in 1. The automatic bag detection and sealing mechanism just requires two easy steps and your work is done. The handheld retractable sealer is convenient for containers, zipper bags, and canisters. This eliminates the need for additional attachments.

When your food stays longer for hours, you will only make a few visits to the grocery store which leaves you with time to do other things. With the food save quick marinator, you can marinate within a few minutes thus giving you tender meat and fish. With the food save freeze and steam bags, you can prepare your vegetables in advance when they are on sale or in season and store them. With this vacuum sealer, you can preserve bulk foods, seal jars, prepare meals in advance, marinate within minutes and sealing any type of product no matter the size.

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NutriChef Vacuum Sealer

You can use it for preserving, pre-made dinners that can later be reheated during the week whenever they are needed. It can be used to preserve extra salads, pizza slices, or even chunks of meat instead of the food going to waste. This machine is user friendly and the panel control is easy to understand. It gives you a lot of countertop space due to its vertical design. Speed settings can be adjusted and the sealing strip is extra wide providing a secure and air tight sealing.

Vacuum sealers are very important in helping us preserve food and other items. They exist in all manner of make and types. Every vacuum sealer is suited most for certain nature of work. You should choose a one that will handle the demands that come with your work.

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Benefits of Buying a Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum sealers are very flexible and can be used in a number of ways. As indicated above, its primary use is keeping food fresh at a much longer period than conventional methods of storage. During the process, excess moisture and air are sucked from the food. These are the main factors that lead to spoiling of food.

Another major use of vacuum sealers is storage of food both for short term and long term needs. They can be used for sealing chicken, pork, fish, fruits and vegetables for storage in the long term. Vacuum sealers can also be used to pack jewelry to save them from losing their luster and tarnishing. They can also be used to seal important documents so that they are not attacked by dirt.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Vacuum Sealer

Before buying a vacuum sealer, it is important to assess your requirements. Consider these options before making a decision, price range, skill level and packaging requirements before buying one.

Price Range

Prices of vacuum sealers vary depending on the design and the technology used. Some of them can be very expensive due to their superior capabilities and high quality materials. They can handle almost any task associated with vacuum sealing. They are perfect for restaurant chefs to the stay at home mum. If you are in the business of selling clothes, you can vacuum-seal them which will save you space and keep the clothes in perfect condition. It is worth bearing in mind that going for the cheapest product may not be the most prudent decision.

Skill Level

If you are a new user, then you should go for an automatic vacuum sealer. You just need to fill the bag, place it in the vacuum sealer and it does the rest. If you still feel challenged, you can always refer to the manual. However, if you are fully proficient with the functioning of vacuum sealers, then you should choose a high opt device that allows you to operate it manually. Manual sealers allow you to remove air from the bag until you are satisfied. It all depends on the level of vacuum sealing that you intend to do.

Packaging Requirements

Different vacuum sealers have different abilities and functions when it comes to packaging goods. Chamber sealers are known to be very efficient but they are quite time-consuming as compared to out of chamber devices. Out-of-chamber sealers are easier to use and present you with more control.

Model should be chosen according the quality and quantity of the material to be sealed. If your business is in the line of food processing, then you should buy a commercial vacuum sealer. Seal faster models were designed in a way that they can handle bigger workload.

Additional Factors

Other factors to consider before buying a vacuum sealer include the packaging materials, the attached hand held accessories, the warranty provided by the manufacturer, and the level of maintenance required. You should always opt for a model that comes with all the functionalities of your work requirements.

This vacuum sealing system helps to keep food fresh for a longer period than conventional methods and also prevents freezer burn. The multi layer bags that come with this device are specially designed to remove air and moisture while maintaining the flavor of your food. People might even think that the food was prepared yesterday, while it has been preserved for many months.

Vacuum sealer advantages 

1.    Keeps air out

We all have something that we need to keep dry or away from moisture in the kitchen. Let’s say you’ve opened a packet of something, and now you need to put away what you’re not using at that moment. A vacuum sealer will allow you to place the contents in a bag and suck out all the air, which could be bad for the food in question. By keeping air out, a vacuum sealer will also help to preserve the food for longer. 

2.    Increases shelf life

When mold and bacteria begin to grow on food, in most cases, you have to throw it out, unless fermentation was a part of your process, to start with. A vacuum sealer will starve the bag with the food of oxygen, which bacteria need to grow. You can therefore extend the shelf life of food considerably by using a vacuum sealer.

It is estimated that food can be preserved up to 5 times longer when it is vacuum-sealed. Food that can be kept fresh for up to 12 months when stored using other methods in the freezer can stay fresh for about three years or even more.                                                                                                                                          

3.    It helps save money. 

Using a vacuum sealer means that you have a great option to keep your food fresh after you’ve opened it or apportioned it. For instance, you can buy meat in bulk, and apportion it then freeze it. This way, you can thaw it out before your meal, which is a great money-saving technique. 

4.    It makes storing food easier and neater

If you are a stickler for having a neat fridge, you will not mind the convenience of a vacuum sealer. It will help you put food in different packets, separating them and creating space because the fridge will be effectively packed. 

5.    It helps preserve the taste

Storing your food in vacuum-sealed bags helps to keep the juices intact. The difference is noticeable. When you thaw out the food, even after months of being in the fridge, you will still have the original flavors and juices that make the dish as unique as before freezing. Using other methods of storing may not give you the exact maintenance of integrity. The food is also kept fresh when it is vacuum-sealed. 

6.    Keep leftovers easily.

When you have leftovers, whether they have liquids in them or crunchy like chips, using a vacuum sealer helps keep them with their original textures. 

How do vacuum sealers work?

A vacuum sealer is a handy machine that you can have on your countertop in the kitchen for handy sealing. The long and short of it all is that a vacuum sealer sucks the air out of a bag and seals it shut. The point is to get all air out and make sure that no air can get back in. 

What food can you vacuum seal?

Not all vacuum sealers are created equal. You must know what features a particular model offers and how well it fares in each department. A good vacuum sealer is supposed to have the ability to seal in freshness, liquids, and crunchiness. You can vacuum seal just about any food if you know how to. 

You should be able to vacuum seal soft foods and liquids, including soups and stews. However, to vacuum seal a stew or soup, you will have to place it in another container first. Then you can seal. You can also vacuum seal bread and different types of confectionery. To do this effectively, freeze them first before sealing them to squash them as you seal. You may seal green vegetables in a vacuum canister. 

You can also vacuum meat such as fish, chicken, beef, and pork, amongst others. However, try to avoid vacuuming unpasteurized cheeses such as blue cheeses or mushrooms and garlic. Before vacuum sealing food, it’s important to make sure that it has completely cooled down.  

Features to look out for


One of the features that you need to look out for is the modes or settings on the vacuum sealer. This tells you just how much you can do with the machine. It tells you how much versatility the machine has. You may find that the more expensive machines have various modes that could allow you to go the extra mile, like pulsing food or sealing liquids. Some may allow you to seal containers, such as marinating containers. 

The more modes there are, the more you can do with the vacuum sealer. The less pricey models may save you a couple of dollars, but they will be more basic and limit what you can do with them.  A vacuum sealer with a wet mode or marinade mode means that you can seal wet foods. You can use wet mode in place of the marinade mode, even though the result will not be identical. 

Accessory port

An accessory port on the vacuum sealer allows you to connect an accessory hose. This way, you can pull it towards the packet or container you want to vacuum seal without moving the entire unit. This port will also help you connect different adaptors. 

“Automatic” or “one-touch” sealing

This setting is excellent and makes sealing quick and easy. One-touch sealing also means that you don’t need to dedicate too much time to seal the food. 

Roll storage and bag cutter

A roll sealer and bag cutter make sealing bags easier and faster. If this is something that you think you will need on your vacuum sealer, make sure that it effectively cuts the types of bags you will be using. A bag cutter will allow you to cut off the bag where you need it. Also, make sure that the bags that you buy will fit in the machine. 

How to use a vacuum sealer

Once the right bag is chosen and filled correctly with food, prepared before packing, the process that you use may depend on the manufacturer’s instructions. They may differ from one model to the other. But generally, lay the packet on a flat counter, then place the open end in the vacuum sealer. You will need to open the lid to do this. After this, shut the lid, then click the seal button, and your home and dry.