5 Best Belgian Waffle Maker of 2023 | Buyer’s Guide

Belgian waffle makers give you an easy way to rustle up breakfast waffles in a flash. Features like removable plates and stainless steel builds mean getting one for your kitchen is a no-brainer. Find out everything you need to know about the best Belgian waffle makers.

belgian waffle makers

Belgian waffle makers are great because you can make mouth-watering treats in under five minutes. They’re also simple to use, so it’s easy to whip up delicious, fluffy waffles in the morning.

With features like adjustable browning control and removable plates, there’s a lot of choice out there. We’re here to cut through the noise and show the five best Belgian waffle makers.

best belgian waffle maker

Cuisinart WAF-F20

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Make restaurant-style waffles at home with this Cuisinart Double Belgian Waffle Maker. The easy-to-use features flip each waffle, ensuring evenly browned top and bottom as well as two of them cooked to perfection per cycle.

The Cuisinart bakes up two 1-inch extra-deep, restaurant-style waffles at the same time. It features an easy-to-handle rotary feature that flips each waffle 180 degrees to ensure cooking on top and bottom. A six-setting browning control knob ensures both waffles are cooked to order from light and fluffy to crisp and brown!

The easy-to-use rotary feature flips each waffle 180 degrees to ensure even cooking on top and bottom. Roundly reliable with six settings to choose from to customize your waffle effectively: light and fluffy to crisp.

If you prefer to have more control over the cooking process, the Cuisinart WAF-F20 offers a lot of versatility and features like six browning settings. It comes with a ready tone signal and beeps to tell when the waffles are done. The LED lights on the top allow you to see how long your food has.

It’s great because it has a non-stick surface you can clean easily. You’ll not have to worry about washing and scrubbing in the future.

Its double cooking action means you can churn out waffle after waffle in a short period, and its control surface makes it easy to control temperatures easily.

This little machine is popular with hotels worldwide and for good reason: Its cooking performance is far greater than any other model on our list. It might be the most expensive of our selection, but boy is it the best. A must-buy for anyone looking to cook up a feast at their next breakfast.

Hamilton Beach Flip

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Another waffle maker trusted by hotels and restaurants alike, the Hamilton Beach Flip is in at a close second.

It’s low on mess, with a runoff tray to collect any excess batter. Further to this, the maker’s design helps ensure that its key parts don’t get messy by hinging it a few inches above its base.

Its cooking quality is excellent, giving you fluffy Belgian waffles every time. Its easy-to-use mechanism that makes it incredibly simple to flip your waffles, cooking them evenly all over.

Black and Decker Double Flip

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This maker from Black and Decker comes in and third, and boast some of our favorite features that we expect the best makers to have.

It boasts a brilliant double features, which means you can cook two waffles at once, thus saving you a great amount of time when cooking for a group of people.

It has extra deep grids which means the waffles are cooked with a large groove into them, giving you plenty of room to pour your toppings into. Great news for syrup addicts.

And all of this topped off with a brilliant drip tray, and excellent cooking performance. Highly recommended if you don’t feel ready to splash out on the Cuisinart.

Oster CKSTWF2000

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At the lower end of the scale is Oster’s Belgian waffle maker. It’s small and simple in design, but absolutely gets the job done.

Despite its simple design, the Oster’s controls do give you the option to choose between fluffy and crispy waffles. It doesn’t compromise on its ability to be able to make delicious waffles.

While the fact that it’s not a double flip model might put some people off, its design does offer some fantastic positives. It’s a stylish looking piece of equipment that is fairly unassuming in the kitchen. Further to that, it stores away easily without taking up too much space.

If you’re after some cheap but functional, then this is the waffle maker for you.

Presto 03510 FlipSide

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Rounding off our top five is the Presto Flipside. It’s another favorite among the restaurant trade, and its fully deserving of that accolade.

Its rotate function helps spread the batter more evenly in the grid, and its deep grooves ensure that you can be generous with your toppings. Its speedy with a cooking time of mere minutes, and its countdown timer ensures you’ll never burn your waffles.

A great low-cost option for hospitality-grade waffles.

Important Features

Waffle makers are just like a pan for frying that has two plates with grids on each side to form a waffle shape. You pour your batter between these grids and press all together. There’s nothing like opening up those plates and seeing a steaming waffle, prepared by yourself.

Standard or Belgian Waffles

Which do you prefer? Do you like deep pockets just like the ones seen in Belgian waffles, or are you more into the ones featured on more standard run-of-the-mill types? It’s good to have an idea before you get started, because you will find that different waffle makers tend to fall into one of these two categories.

However, as modern brands attempt to cover more ground and offer more and more, multi-purpose brands enable you to change plates in order for you to change your preferred style of waffle. For those of us who are indecisive, this is very welcome.

Plate Materials

Try to find a nonstick-coated waffle iron to ensure you are not wasting your time and energy on the post-cooking clean-up. Pro waffle makers are made of cast iron and need plenty of seasoning to prevent the mixture from sticking to its surface.

Advanced models designed for home-based use are generally manufactured from teflon-coated cast aluminum. Nonstick makers are simpler to clean compared to these cast iron options, so be aware that there are pitfalls to even the more expensive models.

Overflow Tray

An essential function to watch out for if you do not want your fabulous cooking counter to end up with waffle batter all over it is an overflow tray. This will help gather surplus batter on the sides, before it gets to your countertop. This coupled with a non-stick surface will make the world of difference when trying to save time and effort.

Stovetop or Independent Selection?

Although a self-contained unit works on electrical power, a stovetop range needs you to place the waffle iron on the flame to get the waffle cooking. Similar to the stand-alone model, these portable types come in different shapes and sizes.

When selecting a stovetop or hand held waffle maker, make sure the handles are flat so as to allow the iron to sit flush along the stove top. Additionally, make sure the handles are manufactured from heat-resistant material.

Browning Configurations

Many waffle makers come with control knobs that enable you to choose the quantity of browning for your batch of waffles. It is best to go in for a model that has an automated light switch that notifies you when the iron is warm enough for the appropriate waffles.

As a nice bonus feature, to ensure identical browning on both sides of the waffles, certain models come designed with a rotary feature that flips the waffle maker over.